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All for One and One for All
It's the home stretch for Caplan, Walter and Roxanne. At the end of this path of extreme justice that they've carved themselves, with their noblest intentions, love, family and death await them.

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A Never-Ending Game
Caplan and Walter return to Paris. A return motivated by a blackmail forcing Caplan to organise the escape of a mobster who could ruin him by reporting him to Brabant, the Superintendent of the police of police.

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Caplan and Walter are struggling in the Marseilles bouillabaisse while in Paris, Roxanne and Bernardi find themselves in the middle of a drug deal that leads directly to mobsters Caplan knows well, having used their "services".

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11 Point
By intervening in Marseilles to capture "Baba" Aroudj, Caplan and Walter interfere in an investigation into a bloody heist, committed ten years earlier in Aubagne.

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The Great Manitou of the Turkish Mafia organisation has decided to let "Baba" Aroudj go. Fatih Imrali (right hand of the Great Manitou) shall serve as an intermediary with Caplan and Walter.

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The first commando operation that Caplan, Walter and Wassim lead against the Turks, puts "Baba" Aroudj under fire within his organisation.

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My Piece of Hell
The police of police isn't done with the Departmental Service of the Judicial Police (SDPJ) group. The investigation into Caplan's group and Bernardi is led by a devious cop: Chief Superintendent Henri Brabant.

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The Old Fashioned Way
They've barely solved the Russian Mafia case when Caplan, Walter and Roxanne find themselves faced with "Baba" Aroudj, head of the Turkish Mafia.

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Braquo is a gripping French crime drama series that aired from 2009 to 2016, available to stream on Hulu. The show is noted for its gritty realism, intense action, and murky moral ambiguity, rendering it one of the most renowned series in the international crime genre. At the heart of the high-octane drama is an ensemble cast led by seasoned actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, who personifies the complex and fraught world of law enforcement with dynamism and veracity, contributing to the show's consistent acclaim and popularity over its four-season run. The show focuses on a quartet of police officers stationed in the heart of Paris. Led by the mercurial Eddy Caplan (played by Jean-Hugues Anglade), this unit is notorious for bending the rules to achieve justice. With their unorthodox methods causing as much havoc as they solve crimes, the group toes the line between being law enforcement officers and criminals themselves. However, their world is flipped upside down when their commanding officer tragically succumbs to the pressures of an internal police investigation and takes his own life. Devastated by the death of their mentor, Caplan and his team members Walter Morlighem, Roxane Delgado, and Theo Wachevski believe he was unjustly accused and set out to clear his name. This mission sees them delving deeper into the underworld of Parisian crime and corruption, blurring the lines between justice and the law, and testing their loyalties. With each episode, viewers are thrust deeper into the murky waters of the series' world, with intrigue and plot twists that will leave them on the edge of their seats. Jean-Hugues Anglade’s performance as Eddy Caplan stands as a highlight of the series. Renowned for his ability to glide between vulnerability and ferocity, Anglade constructs a multifaceted character who consistently captivates viewers and fuels the series' intricate narrative machinations. Supporting performers Joseph Malerba, Karole Rocher, and Nicolas Duvauchelle match Anglade's intensity and commitment, imbuing their roles with grace and depth that serve to enhance the story's confrontational dynamic. Braquo is known for its stark and unflinching approach to storytelling, with its creators taking inspiration from authentic instances of police corruption, insider politics, and crime networks. The show presents a raw, unvarnished view of Paris, different from the city's romanticized representations in popular culture. Scenes are often set in the city's grittier corners – alleyways, seedy bars, dilapidated flats – reflecting the turbid world the protagonists navigate. The series is not just defined by its intense plot and character development. Braquo’s stylized cinematography injects a sharp and gripping visual aesthetic, instantly identifiable and striking in its use of shadow and light to emphasize the thematic undercurrent of the protagonists' guilt and innocence. Coupled with potent action sequences and volatile confrontations, the series delivers an adrenaline-fueled viewing experience that keeps fans hooked. The suspense is further amplified by a bespoke score that blends seamlessly with the narrative's pulse, heightening tension and releasing in key moments for maximum dramatic impact. Another standout aspect of Braquo is its intelligent scriptwriting. The dialogue is sharp, witty, and often brazen, reflecting the hardened and resilient spirit of its characters. Elements of dark humor are impeccably woven into the narrative, providing relief from the series' typically heavy subject matter. Braquo, throughout its four seasons, consistently challenges its audience with moral dilemmas, deep character arcs, and a labyrinthine plot that twists and turns in unexpected ways. It asks viewers to delve into a world where right and wrong aren't clear-cut, and where law enforcement and criminal activity often intersect. It paints a provocative picture of people pushed to their extreme, driven by their sense of justice, loyalty, and a desperate need for redemption. In essence, Braquo is a visceral and exhilarating cinematic journey that plunges viewers into the shadowy depths of crime and corruption, without shirking from the bleak realities and harsh consequences that such a world entails. For those who appreciate crime dramas with gritty realism, complex characters, and morally ambiguous narratives, Braquo is an absolute must-watch.

Braquo is a series categorized as a final season. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 32 episodes, the show debuted on 2009. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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