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Liberation of Paris
Both political and military expediency were factors in the return of the French capital to its people.

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Battle of Sicily
Fresh from victory in North Africa, the Allies successfully invade the island of Sicily, staging an eventual Italian withdrawal from the war.

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Bombing of Ploesti
American bombers target a Romanian oil refinery in a daring 1943 mission.

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Examining the battle at the Kwajelein Atoll in the South Pacific during 1944. Included: operations by the Seabees.

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Battle of Remagen
German forces retreat across the Rhine on the Remagen bridge near the close of the war.

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El Alamein
Erwin Rommel battles Allied forces in North Africa in 1942.

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Battle of Anzio
Allied armies encounter German resistance in the Italian fishing town of Anzio.

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Battle of Dieppe
The Allies launch an ill-fated attack on the German-occupied port of Dieppe, France.

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The Allies launch an attack designed to push the Germans back to the Rhine River.

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Fall of the Philippines
Examining the Japanese invasion of the Philippines in December 1941.

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Battle of Stalingrad
German forces encounter Russian resistance.

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Battle of Okinawa
Kamikaze pilots guard the island of Okinawa from American forces.

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Battle of Tobruk
German field marshal Erwin Rommel scores a major victory at the Libyan seaport of Tobruk.

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Fall of Poland
German tanks roll into Poland in September 1939.

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U-Boat War
U-boats posed the deadliest threat to Allied convoys traveling the Atlantic.

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Bombing of Germany
The development of the B-17 bomber, which allowed American planes to reach inside Germany and bomb its cities.

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Fall of Berlin
In 1945, Soviet and American troops press Hitler's armies from the west and the east, culminating in the fall of Berlin.

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Mount Belvedere
The Battle of the Gothic Line in 1944.

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Commerce Raiders
Heavily armed vessels disguised as ordinary cargo ships patrolled allied waters, sinking supply boats and stealing their content.

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Operation Mercury
After British forces withdrew in defeat from Greece to the island of Crete in early 1941, they were soon fighting German invasion armies again. This time, 5,000 of Hitler's elite paratroopers landed to complete their conquest in the Mediterranean.

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February 19 1945
American forces landing on the shores of Iwo Jima encounter Japanese combatants willing to fight to the death.

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The Last Stronghold: November 1944
American B-29 high-altitude bomber attacks Japan near the end of World War II.

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Battle of the Bulge: December, 1944
The December 1944 battle pitting American forces against German Panzer divisions in the Ardennes Forest.

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Operation Dragoon: August, 1944)
The Allies break into France and push the Germans back to their own border.

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Liberation of the Philippines
Gen. Douglas MacArthur's return to the Philippines, and the final push to retake the islands after two years of Japanese occupation.

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Battle in Palau (Summer, 1944)
As the United States prepared for the invasion of the Philippines, scheduled for late 1944, the tiny Palau Islands had to be taken first.

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Burma: The Forgotten Front (Spring, 1943)
The Japanese meet resistance from British forces as they advance through Burma to take India in 1944.

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The Gilbert Islands: November, 1943
Bloody fighting erupts on a group of tiny Pacific islands in November 1943.

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The Solomon Islands (July, 1942)
For the first time since Americans entered the war, Marines face Japanese infantrymen at Guadal Canal. In the jungles, two powerful armies clash in a six month battle that claims nearly 30,000 lives.

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The Battle of Midway (June 2, 1942)
Only one isolated atoll prevents an enemy invasion of Hawaii. Midway Island is where the Japanese fleet converges on a tiny American base with a massive strafing and bombing attack.

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Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941)
During a two-hour surprise attack on the American Pacific fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor, Japanese navy pilots score a near-complete victory.

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The Fall of Singapore (October, 1941)
Before the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese initiate the Pacific War by firing on the British in Malaya. Their route to the rubber-rich nation takes them into Singapore, the World's most armed fortress.

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Retaking France (6 Weeks After D-Day)
Six weeks after the D-Day invasion of the Beaches of Normandy, the allied forces are pushing the Germans back through the French countryside. Town by town is won back as Panzer divisions retreat back to the Meuse River.

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D-Day (June 6, 1944)
D-Day, the 6th of June--one of the most pivotal moments in world history. In a massive armada of thousands of ships, 3,000,000 allied troops land at Three Beaches in Normandy, France.

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Monte Cassino (September 3, 1943)
As the allies make their way into Italy, they encounter tremendous resistance at German defensive positions along the Gustav line. One of these locations is an ancient monastery called Monte Cassino.

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North Africa (November, 1942)
In the North African desert in 1942, American fighting forces encounter the dreaded Rommel for the first time to stop the German war machine.

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The Battle of Malta (June 1941)
In 1941, Mussolini desperately wants to wrest the tiny island of Malta from the British for control of the Mediterranean. When his inadequate air force fails to bomb the Maltese into submission, Hitler's Luftwaffe joins the campaign.

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The Bombing of England (Fall, 1940)
After invading France, Hitler is planning to cross the Channel. His only obstacle is the Royal Air Force.

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The Battle of Norway (early 1940)
Early in the war, the Germans decide they need to guarantee access to the Norwegian port of Narvik to ensure their supplies of Swedish iron ore. The British, however, send destroyers to up-end the German plan.

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Dunkirk (September 1, 1939)
To keep France free, 400,000 English soldiers have manned the battlefields. Germany's strength is too great and pushes the British to the coast town of Dunkirk.

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Battlefront WWII from Lionsgate, first aired in 2001, is an engaging documentary series, which provides an immersive exploration of the events, battles, strategies, and figures that shaped the outcome of the Second World War. This absorbing and comprehensive series offers a unique experience that is richly historical and poignantly human.

The series meticulously chronicles the broad canvas of World War II starting from the initial skirmishes to the conclusive, grand-scale confrontations. It encompasses the viewpoints of both the Axis and the Allies, offering a balanced perspective. Battlefront WWII portrays the war as a global conflict, representing theatres of war not just from Europe and the Pacific, but also North Africa and other theatres of operation often overlooked in WWII documentaries.

Battlefront WWII is distinct in its approach as it sets up the sequence of events and situations in the war not through dramatization, but by utilizing an immense collection of authentic, historical footage, much of which had not been widely viewed before this series. This footage, sometimes gritty and visceral, provides an unvarnished look at the realities of wartime. Being a visual testimony of the time, this black-and-white footage offers a captivating window into the era.

The series offers a dramatic narration, focusing on in-depth battlefield strategies, tactics, doctrines, key military decisions, and the leadership operating behind them. Through these enlightening explorations, viewers can understand the intricate dynamics and challenges that shaped both the big picture and individual episodes of the war.

Battlefront WWII is not just about geographic positioning, weaponry, and facts of history. On par with the depiction of military maneuvers, it skillfully captures the human element associated with the war. It offers viewers a profound exploration of how ordinary men and women grappled with extraordinary situations, how leaders made decisions that shifted the scales, and the social and political implications of the war.

For instance, the series draws on personal accounts, letters, diaries, and testimonials of both soldiers and civilians purposefully intertwined within the grand narrative, making it more relatable and personal. This effectively grounds the entire experience, ensuring that viewers remember the war's profound human cost. It does not shy away from showcasing not only the heroic and inspiring but also the devastating experiences of people during this time.

Cinematically, Battlefront WWII is well-crafted, handling the documentary footage with care and respect. It masterfully intermixes actual combat footage, archival videos, digital maps, photographs, and other multimedia resources. The global map showing the progression and shifts in control zones is especially noteworthy, helping the viewer grasp the geopolitical implications of the war.

The video material is carefully edited and enhanced to offer clarity, and the series smartly integrates voice-overs, captions, graphics, and music. This stylistic blend aids in better conveying the gravity and relevance of each event and character being presented. The incorporation of these various elements is done in a thoughtful and unobtrusive manner, allowing the audience to remain engrossed in the narrative.

The narration and commentary in Battlefront WWII, delivered in an emotive yet concise manner, significantly add to its merit. The narration is expertly done by veteran voice actors, lending a compelling tone to the stories, while the commentary features insights from historians, strategists, authors, and veterans. The expert voices bring an added level of credibility and precision to the narrative. Furthermore, they clarify complex military strategies and penetrate the fog of war, enhancing comprehension for the audience.

In its entire duration, Battlefront WWII works as a remarkably extensive and informative chronicle of the Second World War era. It successfully combines the elements of a penetrating documentary with the intensity and context of a historical drama, making it a must-watch for history buffs and viewers interested in the dynamics of war.

Through the unfurling narratives in this comprehensive 2001 series from Lionsgate, viewers can embark on a riveting journey through history, discovering the chronicles of life and warfare during the most consequential conflict of the 20th century. Battlefront WWII stands as a tribute to those who lived through these times, bearing a strong testament to the complexities of war and the spirit of humanity.

Battlefront WWII is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 41 episodes, the show debuted on 2001. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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