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The Fuhrer
An economic crisis and the fear of communism drive voters into Hitler's arms and he is named Chancellor. As democracy begins to disappear from Germany, Hitler prepares for war.

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The Menace
What happened at the start of Hitler's life to provoke his relentless rise to power? From his early life as a mediocre student and failed artist, follow the events that led to Hitler's dictatorship.

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Apocalypse: Hitler is an engrossing, profound and historical documentary miniseries that premiered in 2011. A product of France 2's commitment to presenting thoughtful, well-researched content, the series offers viewers an in-depth exploration of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, his reign, and subsequent downfall. This documentary is constructed in two parts and supported by rare and previously unseen colorized footage, ensuring an immersive viewing experience that transports audiences back in time. The first part of Apocalypse: Hitler termed “The Threat” covers the period from 1890 through 1933. This period encapsulates Hitler's early life, his disgruntled years as a struggling painter in Vienna, his shocking World War I experience, and his entry into politics. The first episode portrays his beginnings in the National Socialist German Workers Party, the formation of his extreme ideologies, the failed Putsch in Munich, and the publication of his book 'Mein Kampf'. The episode offers an overview of the socio-economic chaos that befell Germany after World War I, opening the door for Hitler's rise to power. The second episode, titled “The Führer," examines Hitler's era from 1934 to 1939 - the year World War II started. This part explores Hitler's accelerated rise after becoming the Chancellor, leading to his self-appointment as the Führer. It delves into his masterminding of the terrifying Nuremberg rallies, the unforgiving Night of the Long Knives, and the brutal Kristallnacht. Hitler’s mass appeal, charisma, and manipulation of public sentiment are vividly showcased, revealing how he successfully inculcated the notion of Aryan supremacy and blamed the country's woes on the Jews. Apocalypse: Hitler stands out due to its exceptional use of colorized footage, making the era come alive in an eerie way, unlike the common black-and-white images associated with World War II. The archival footage, photos, and images animated into color provide a surreal perspective of Hitler’s life and times. The series shows a disturbingly vibrant Nazi Germany, where red Nazi flags flutter amidst blue skies and green fields, the brownshirts march through colorful streets, and Hitler’s impassioned speeches stir thousands of brightly garbed German citizens. The documentary is also noted for its haunting narration, expertly provided by Mathieu Kassovitz in the original French version and by David Ritchie in the English translation. The narrators' emotive delivery heightens the viewer's engagement, invoking the dark reality behind every move of the Nazi regime. Building on the strength of Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle's writing, the information provided is detailed and concise, making it a valuable historical lens into the rise of Hitler. By focusing solely on Hitler's rise and reign rather than his entire life, Apocalypse: Hitler strikes a balance between a personal profile and a historical account. The series masterfully paints a deep, human picture of Adolf Hitler, making it a more intimate and impactful viewing experience. The blend of personal anecdotes and documented facts creates a continuous, cohesive storyline that will keep viewers engrossed till the end. The series does not shy away from expressing the horror and brutality of the time, showcasing images and film clips that may be jarring for some. However, Apocalypse: Hitler's creators have prioritized historical accuracy and candidness, which adds to the documentary's authenticity and emotional pull. A comprehensive dive into the factors that facilitated Hitler’s rise to power and the horrors that ensued, Apocalypse: Hitler is a captivating and educational series for all history buffs. It astutely pieces together the puzzle that was Adolf Hitler, aided by stunning colorized imagery and authoritative narration. Taking into account the depth and quality of narrative, historical accuracy, and the immersive nature of the visuals, Apocalypse: Hitler is more than a mere recounting of history. Rather, it serves as a poignant exploration of one of history's most notorious figures. It offers viewers a chance to better understand Hitler's journey from an angry young man to the architect of a world war and a genocide. This is a documentary series that compels its viewers to confront the past in a transformative way.

Apocalypse: HItler is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 2 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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