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The Sicarii
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Aztec Eagle Warriors
A closer look at what happened when 2 planes ended up on a collision course above Brazil.

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The Varangian Guard
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Aztec Eagle Warriors
A look at the story of what happened when 2 planes ended up on a collision course above Brazil.

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The Varangian Guard
A look at the story of the Varangian Guard, the elite bodyguards of the Byzantine Emperor.

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Viking Berserkers
A look at the shocking Viking Berserkers and their fighting tactics.

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The Ghost Warriors
Following the German ghost warriors, a squad trained to fight at night.

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The Sicarii
A look at the Roman invaders that wreaked havoc in Jerusalem.

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There are similarities with today's special forces and Spartan 300.

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Medieval Persia's Assassins used infiltration and dagger skills to overtake the many men of the King of the Crusades.

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Ancient Black Ops is a fascinating historical and action-packed television series from YESTERDAY, originally released in 2014. This ambitious and riveting series offers a different perspective on history, veering away from traditional subjects usually covered by historical documentaries. It dives boldly into the underbelly of ancient warfare to uncover stories about elite and secret soldiers whose exploits have shaped and influenced the world as we know it today. It truly is a series exploring history like you've never seen before.

The basis of the series is to shed light on the special operations teams of yesteryears, the formidable and deadly warriors who operated in the shadows and were centuries ahead of their time. These were the original black op units, the first of the best in different cultures and societies from across the globe, and their tales are as intriguing as they were impactful.

With each episode focusing on a different time period, Ancient Black Ops plunges into the shadowy domains of covert warfare in ancient times. It decodes the myths, legends, and historical accounts of these bygone warriors, putting the spotlight on units like the Vandals, the Assassins, the Varangians, and the Scythian Amazons, among others.

The series takes an analytical and investigative approach, utilizing a combination of dramatic reenactments, expert testimonials, and graphics to bring to life incredible stories from the annals of history that often go untold. By doing so, it manages to bring out the strategic brilliance, the bravery, and the ingenuity of these ancient black op units.

Each episode sets the scene, presenting the context of the political and social environment in which these units operated. It uses in-depth historical research to paint a vivid picture of the strategies, techniques, and weapons used by the soldiers. Researchers and historians feature heavily in the series, providing insights and behind-the-scenes analyses of these major events.

The show is not just a mere recounting of historical events. It delves into tactics, discussing the methods and reasons behind the choices made by these special operations teams. It provides a fresh perspective on warfare, forcing viewers to reevaluate the tactics and methodologies we often associate with modern-day warfare. The series delves into these secret soldiers' art of war – be it sabotage, subterfuge, assassination, or guerrilla warfare – and demonstrates how they were executed with remarkable precision, planning, and skill.

Ancient Black Ops is characterized by high production values. The vivid historical reenactments bring to life the drama and intensity of the ancient battlefields, while the wealth of factual information keeps the series grounded and educational. The show is effectively edited and scored, taking viewers on an enthralling journey through the epochs.

Moreover, the series does an extraordinary job of keeping the viewers enchanted, not just with intense battle sequences but with the unique psychology of these warriors, their fierce loyalty to their cause, and their unwavering courage under fire. It elucidates on the training these soldiers must have undergone – physically, mentally, and in some cases, even spiritually, to perform their dangerous missions.

In essence, Ancient Black Ops goes beyond being a series about battles and warfare in the ancient world. It is a comprehensive study of intelligence operations, political manoeuvres, and daring combat missions in a time far removed from ours. It offers insight into how the roots of warfare and covert operations, as we know them today, were shaped by esteemed warrior societies throughout history.

From the courage of the first black op soldiers to the origins of cunning battle strategies, this show is a captivating journey through the pages of history. For history enthusiasts, military history fans, or even general viewers looking for a series that’s stimulating and informative, Ancient Black Ops is an unmissable watch. It's a gripping and well-researched series that successfully interweaves storytelling and historical expertise, enlightening the audience about this often-overlooked aspect of global history.

Ancient Black Ops is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.4.

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