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America's News HQ is a highly acclaimed television news program presented by Fox News that has been airing since 2008 and kept its viewers well-informed and engaged throughout 2017. Known for its comprehensive coverage of both national and international stories, the show offers a mix of hard news, expert analysis, feature stories, and weather updates. In its 2017 broadcast season, the show continually lived up to its reputation for high-quality journalism and in-depth reporting. The features and in-depth interviews cover a broad range of topics that cater to a diverse spectrum of interests. These topics include politics, economy, health, culture, science, technology, and more. America's News HQ broadcasts each Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The weekday airings faced changes during 2017, with various time slots throughout the day. Despite the schedule changes, the show has sustained its commitment to pursue fairness and accuracy in reporting. It utilizes the extensive resource of Fox News correspondents based across the United States and in bureaus worldwide. The news anchors of America's News HQ during 2017 mainly comprised of a rotating team of experienced journalists, and this panel was led by Bill Hemmer and Shannon Bream. Other notable figures in the broadcast team included Uma Pemmaraju, Kelly Wright, Julie Banderas, and Greg Jarrett, among others. Their knowledgeable perspectives and articulate presentations rendered the complex news stories accessible, engaging and clarifying for the viewers. 2017 was a year fraught with political change, social upheaval, and numerous notable events on both the national and international stages. America's News HQ covered these events with utmost precision and depth. From the insurgent tenure of President Donald Trump to major climate events, terrorism and security concerns at home and abroad, the program kept viewers abreast with the most essential updates. Perhaps the most significant feature of America's News HQ, which was quite evident in the 2017 broadcast, is the impeccable dedication to presenting a balanced view of the news. The program welcomes guests and analysts from both sides of the political spectrum, fostering a lively discourse that represents diverse viewpoints. This neutrality is maintained meticulously and has been a distinguishing feature since the show's inception, making it a trusted source for millions of viewers. In addition to delivering hard-hitting news stories, America's News HQ also understands the need for human interest stories and lighter news features. In 2017, the show made a point to include stories that uplift, inspire, or simply offer a respite from the intense daily news cycle. These features often spotlight regular citizens making a difference, advancements in the fields of medicine or technology, and other encouraging developments. The show also features interactive segments where viewers' opinions are taken into account. Through social media interactions and live polling, viewers are encouraged to voice their opinion and engage in lively debates. This interactive feature was very prominent in 2017, making the viewers feel valued and heard. One of the main objectives of America's News HQ has been to disseminate knowledge and make information as accessible and easy to understand as possible. During 2017, the show successfully accomplished this goal with its careful news selection, inimitable presentation style, viewer-friendly interactive segments, and expert analysis from leading figures in journalism and the larger world. The production quality of America's News HQ is top-notch, with high-definition graphics, accurate video clips, and engaging visual content, which assists in crafting a comprehensive narrative for each news segment. In summary, the 2017 run of America's News HQ by Fox News kept its promise of being a trustworthy source of news, providing viewers with a balanced perspective on important national and global issues. It is competent, comprehensive, and interactive, offering not just news reports but a platform for in-depth analysis, discussion, and viewers' engagement. This commitment to balanced news and in-depth reporting, combined with a skilled broadcast team, continues to confirm the show's place in the high echelon of American broadcasting.

America's News HQ is a series categorized as a . Spanning 10 seasons with a total of 362 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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