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The Alaska Enigma
New discoveries suggest that the Vikings of North America didn't just disappear, but might have traveled further into American than anyone ever imagined, and using the latest tech, experts put this shocking theory to the test.

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Curse of Death Island
A team of expert archaeologists are hot on the trail of the legendary Viking utopia of the Americas, and clues from the ancient Sagas lead them to a mysterious, hostile island with a deadly past.

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Ghosts of the Great Lakes
A mysterious artifact might be evidence that Vikings reached the American Midwest, and to investigate this controversial theory, archaeologists build a Viking boat to test if their ships could manage a dangerous 1,000 mile journey over the Great Lakes.

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War in the New World
New evidence reveals that Vikings and Native Americans might have fought a thousand years ago, and using cutting-edge tech, experts put their weaponry and tactics to the test to find out who might have won.

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Mystery of the Sea Raiders
Experts investigate a mysterious set of clues that suggest the Vikings could have ventured deeper into North America, and using cutting-edge tech, they put Viking ships to the test to reveal how far they could have gone.

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Beating Columbus
Expert archaeologists investigate the first confirmed Viking settlement in America, and using cutting-edge technology, they're making new discoveries that will change everything we know about American history.

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America's Lost Vikings is a thrilling and insightful docuseries produced and aired by Science Channel in 2019. This captivating show draws audiences into the mysteries of the deep past, shedding light on the audacious voyages of Viking seafarers and their possible early contact with the American continent, predating Columbus's voyage by centuries. Presented by archaeological adventurer duo Mike Arbuthnot and Blue Nelson, the series focuses on giving a fresh perspective and renewed discovery of the Vikings' involvement in American history.

The series is laid out over six captivating episodes, each one meticulously exploring the hidden presence and mysterious activities of the Vikings in North America. Distinct from traditional documentary film making, America's Lost Vikings incorporates breathtaking nature shots, profound historical context, and incredible recreating scenes to provide a multisensory experience for viewers. The charismatic and knowledgeable duo, Blue and Mike, guide the audience through this grand exploration of historical enigma, unveiling the significant interactions between Vikings and Indigenous tribes, and ultimately questioning whether the Vikings had a more substantial pre-Columbian presence in America than we had previously imagined.

Arbuthnot and Nelson display a seamless connection between archaeology and adventure that translates exceptionally on screen. Their insatiable curiosity drives their expedition through the roughest terrains and treacherous weather conditions, traversing the entire length of the North American east coast to track down clues about the Vikings' presence and their survival strategies. From the discovery of the only confirmed Norse site in North America - L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland - to the unearthing of lesser-known evidence of Norse presence in regions further south, America's Lost Vikings embodies the spirit of pioneering exploration as well as the meticulous scholarship of archaeology.

As science meets storytelling, the duo applies groundbreaking experimental archaeology techniques for understanding the Viking culture better and interpreting their impact on American soil. Many episodes involve our adventurous archaeologists replicating ancient Viking methods, using traditional tools and technologies to recreate historical Norse life. This hands-on approach enables them to draw parallels between the nautical and navigational prowess of the Vikings with the challenging landscapes of the places they explore in each episode, deciphering the medieval Norse sagas through empirical experience rather than mere theorization.

Besides unveiling the historical secret of Norse presence in America, the series also reflects on the dynamic interactions between the Viking explorers and the Native American tribes. Intriguing archaeological discoveries and advanced DNA analysis techniques are employed to investigate possible cultural intermingling and conflicts between the Norse settlers and Indigenous communities. As Blue and Mike dig deeper, they uncover theories of Norse assimilation, trade, and war with Native American tribes; however, they maintain a balanced narrative that appropriately respects and acknowledges the Indigenous lore and history.

The factual and archaeological evidence throughout America's Lost Vikings is fueled by advanced technology, ranging from satellite imagery to DNA testing, revealing a different perspective of Viking activities in North America. Nevertheless, Blue and Mike's tenacity to provide concrete evidence allows viewers to question popular history, engage with unknown alternatives, and experience the passion and determination of archaeologists unmasking historical truths.

The success of America's Lost Vikings lies in its intriguing exploration of untold history, combining on-ground experiences, experimental archaeology, and cutting-edge research. Its intersection with treasure-hunt-like adventures and the quest for verifiable knowledge makes it a must-watch for history enthusiasts, researchers, thrill-seekers, and anyone curious about our human past.

All in all, America's Lost Vikings pays an extraordinary tribute to the Science Channel's goal of bringing hidden truths and unsolved mysteries of the world to the screen. It's an enlightening and heart-thumping ride into the enigmatic world of the Vikings and their daring voyages to the North American continent long before it was known as 'New World'. This series can reshape how we perceive discovery and colonization as it instigates a dialogue about the broader impact of the Viking Age on the American landscape and its indigenous culture. Embark on this enthralling journey with Blue Nelson and Mike Arbuthnot as they trail through landscapes filled with ancient legends and linguistic puzzles, excavating artifacts, reenacting Norse lifestyle, and revisiting the pages of history that are yet to be fully understood.

America's Lost Vikings is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.7.

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