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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Bridging Generations
Juju Chang leads a panel of multi-generational Asian Americans on the increasing violence against the Asian community and connecting the dots between generations.

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Celebrating John Lewis: Civil Rights Icon
Funeral service for Rep. John Lewis held in Atlanta: President Barack Obama delivers the eulogy; Presidents George W.

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ABC News Live is a cutting-edge 24/7 streaming channel by ABC News. Launched in 2018, ABC News Live is designed to meet the demand of an ever-evolving audience seeking high-quality news on digital platforms. Its objective is to be the definitive source of breaking news, delivering context, and analysis of the top stories of the day.

The channel offers a robust array of content: from coverage of live events, original programming, in-depth reports, to exclusive interviews. It offers a continuous, dynamic stream of news from around the globe, transforming how news is delivered.

At the heart of ABC News Live is the promise of quality journalism. ABC News, renowned for its decades of experience in news broadcasting, ensures that ABC News Live carries on the tradition of trusted, responsible reporting. The channel's team comprises seasoned reporters, experienced journalists, and other news professionals committed to bringing reliable, balanced coverage to viewers.

One of ABC News Live's distinctive features is its extraordinarily comprehensive live event coverage. When news breaks or when significant events occur anywhere in the world, ABC News Live is often the first to react—delivering uncut, raw footage and critical insights from the scene. This spans major political events, global summits, high-profile court cases, national and international tragedies, natural disasters, and more. This real-time perspective of world events keeps viewers deeply connected to what’s happening around them.

Beyond covering the news, ABC News Live puts great emphasis on providing context and understanding. The channel draws on ABC News’ vast resources and network to provide explanatory analysis and breakdowns for complex matters, whether they be political, economic, cultural, scientific, or otherwise. The aim is for viewers not just to know what’s happening, but also to comprehend the deeper implications, making them feel informed and empowered.

The array of original programming on ABC News Live showcases the network's capacity to deliver compelling and insightful pieces. These include in-depth investigative reports, lifestyle features, special interest stories, behind-the-scenes exclusives, and more. Some of this original content results in some of the most riveting, thought-provoking television available. Often, original programming on ABC News Live delves into underreported, overlooked stories, offering viewers an alternative perspective from what traditional news broadcasts provide.

ABC News Live also addresses issues of national and global significance through illuminating interviews. It often features conversations with some of the world's most influential figures, including but not limited to politicians, thought leaders and celebrities. These interviews offer viewers direct insights, opinions and inside perspective on current events, trends, and controversies.

Moreover, ABC News Live keeps the technological front in mind, promising high-definition content across various devices. Whether it’s via your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or television, ABC News Live ensures a consistent, high-quality, smooth viewer experience. It also caters to a newer generation of viewers through interactive elements and mobile-friendly formatting- keeping it at pace with digital innovation.

With its mission to deliver factual, contextually rich news in the increasingly digitalized world, ABC News Live gives voice to a broad range of perspectives and stories. The channel takes journalistic integrity seriously, aiming to bring fair, comprehensive, and incisive coverage to its audience.

In essence, ABC News Live offers dynamic, round-the-clock news coverage that’s reliable, immediate, and richly detailed. The channel commits to providing viewers with a nuanced understanding of the world through real-time coverage, in-depth analysis and insightful interviews. Through high-quality journalism and sophisticated digital delivery, ABC News Live aims to be the preferred news source for a global audience.

ABC News Live is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 3 episodes, the show debuted on . The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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