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Bye Bye Nikki - Part 2
Nikki's dad gets a job offer he can't refuse, but it'll mean moving to Iqaluit! The gang takes the news badly.

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Kylie Smylie
A teen popstar from Alberta is coming to the mall and Caitlin wins the "Spend the Day with Kylie" contest, much to Jen's chagrin.

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6teen is an animated television series that was produced by Fresh TV, aired on Cartoon Network, and ran for four seasons from 2004 to 2010. This Canadian cartoon was not only popular in its home country but gained a following around the world and was a fixture in the daily programming of Cartoon Network during its running years. The series featured six teenagers navigating their lives in a colossal shopping mall, dealing with the daily dramas, fumbling through first jobs, and grappling with various adolescent issues.

The six main characters include Jude Lizowski, Jen Masterson, Jonesy Garcia, Caitlin Cooke, Wyatt Williams, and Nikki Wong. Each character brought their unique personality and vibe to the show, contributing to the synergy that made the main cast engaging and balanced. The characters became iconic for many young viewers and made the series unforgettable, not only because of their distinct styles and characteristics but also due to the relatable situations they often found themselves in.

Jude Lizowski, the gamer skater, is known for his easy-going nature and unique way of viewing the world. Jen Masterson, on the other hand, captures the viewer's heart as the responsible and mature one in the group, a natural organizer who works at the sporting goods store. Jonesy Garcia, the outgoing ladies' man, floats from job to job throughout the mall, often getting fired due to his misadventures. Wyatt Williams is portrayed as a sensitive guy, a talented musician who works at the music store but often overthinks matters related to his love life. Caitlin Cooke, an upbeat and fashion-conscious character, dynamically adjusts from a privileged lifestyle to working at a juice bar. Lastly is Nikki Wong, the sarcastic and opinionated girl who despises her job at the Khaki Barn, symbolizes the anti-establishment voice in consumer culture.

6teen stands out because it grapples with the rollercoaster that is teenagers' life, addressing universal themes and experiences. The series explores multiple themes, ranging from platonic and romantic relationships, responsibility management, friendship tests, and the ultimate quest for independence. By featuring the leads in a shopping mall setting, the show excellently displays the teenage microcosm in an engaging and often comedic way. The mall is essentially a character as well, a consumerist paradise that's also a haven of teenage employment and social life. It’s a destination for hanging out, a battleground for romantic escapades, and a locale to navigate first jobs.

The creators and writers of 6teen ensured a balanced representation, not only in terms of gender but also regarding the issues faced by young people. It provided equal emphasis on both the girls and boys, their trials, tribulations, and the myriad of decisions that accompany the journey of adolescence. Not only does it manage to create humor, but it also delivers poignant and teachable moments about responsibility, honesty, loyalty, love, and the importance of friendship.

The show had a contemporary feel, full of pop-culture references, bits of counter-culture ideologies, and a comedy-infused exploration of teenage life. It's an animated sitcom that combined hilarity with tender moments. The dialogue was sharp, witty, and often satirical, appealing to a generation growing up in the digital and pop culture age. Furthermore, the show also dealt with groundbreaking themes for its time, like single parenthood, dating, and harmonizing different cultural backgrounds.

6teen, while ostensibly about six teenagers and their lives in a large mall, offered a deeper look at the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of adolescence. By presenting characters that were both endearing and frustrating in their own distinct ways, the show could connect with its audience on a personal level. The series holds a cherished place in many viewers' hearts because it tackled the theme of growing up with grit, wit, humor, and a whole lot of heart. Even though it’s set in animation, it managed to mirror the complexities of real-life scenarios faced by teens, ultimately normalizing the awkwardness, chaos and touching moments that come with adolescence. This was undoubtedly a contributing factor to 6teen’s wide appeal and lasting impact.

6teen is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 102 episodes, the show debuted on 2004. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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