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Mr. Turtleton's Wild Ride/A Pirate's Life for Bee
Millie asks Bessie to turtle-sit Chester Turtleton while she goes on a trip. He soon finds out that life with Bessie is far more exciting than the life he knows with Millie.

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Hairy Situation/B Plus One
Bessie and Happy accidentally drink Hippie's magic hair potion and end up with massive amounts of hair and fur.When Bessie wins a radio contest and gets two tickets to a sold-out concert, everyone vies to be her Plus One.

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 18 Now

Bess-E/C'mon Get Happy!
When Portia calls Bessie "like, a robot," Bessie starts to believe it might be true.It's the anniversary of Bessie and Happy becoming Best Friends Forever, so they decide to celebrate by having a BFF commitment ceremony!

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 17 Now

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen/Irritable Bowling Syndrome
Imagine Bessie's surprise when she discovers Happy, Hippie and Ben have formed a Gentlemen's Club--to which she has not been invited!When the Bees go for their Bowling Badges, Bessie, to her surprise, can't get a strike.

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 16 Now

Public Enembee/Bang the Drum Timely
Bessie accidentally trips the fire alarm and must go on the lam from those looking for the Fire Alarm Fugitive.Bessie's got one last chance to earn her Stand-up Comedy Badge but no one seems to get her amazing jokes.

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 15 Now

Space Evaders/YiPs
Happy accidently launches himself and Bessie into outer space 400 years in the future!To earn the Junior Policeman's Badge, Bessie and Happy go on a police ride-along.

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 14 Now

Gorillas in the Midst
Bessie persuades Ben to join a troop called the Gorillas, who are known for their thrill-seeking ways. However, cautious Ben backs out of one of their adventures, so Bessie fills in for him.

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 13 Now

O Brother, What Art Thou/Stuffed Happens
Ben mistakenly thinks Bessie's making Happy her Mighty Bee sidekick instead of him, so he decides he'll be her...arch nemesis!

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Children of the Unicorn/My Way or the Bee Way
When Bessie discovers the other Bees think unicorns don't really exist, she sets out to prove them wrong.When Bessie adopts a weed-strewn stretch of highway and makes it a popular and beautiful road, Portia has to out-do her.

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 11 Now

The Bone Identity/Grumpy Old Bees
When Happy gets a mysterious note regarding the missing half of his ear, Bessie can't wait to help him get it back. Bessie befriends Mona, an elderly ex-Bee who shares Bessie's love for early bird buffets and badges.

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 10 Now

The Old Bee and the Sea/One Million Years Bee C
A mob of gangster fish kidnaps Penny. If Bessie doesn't act fast, Penny could end up sleeping with the fishes!

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 9 Now

It's B's Party and She'll Cry if She Wants To/B Chip
Bessie wants a surprise party more than anything, so she drops hints to all her family and friends to throw her one. Bessie takes Happy to get a doggie identity chip planted in him so that he'll never be lost.

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 8 Now

Finger Pickin' Bad / Higginbottom's 7
When Finger makes friends with another finger named Digit, Bessie is forced to hang out with owner (and her rival) Ronnie. Oh, it's on!

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 7 Now

Rinx / Sleepless in San Francisco
When Bessie and Happy get caught up in a game of Jinx, it's all fun and games until someone gets into big trouble!One dark and stormy night, Bessie sets out to prove to Ben that boogiemen don't haunt San Francisco.

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 6 Now

Awwwww-some/Dogcatcher in the Rye
All of San Francisco is glued to Puppy Net--a live webcam featuring five adorable six-week-old puppies. All, that is, except Bessie, who can't seem to catch a glimpse.

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 5 Now

Bad to the Bee / Hive of Darkness
When Bessie accidentally drops a load of taffy, Mary Frances gives Bessie her first ever bee-merit. Since her record will never be perfect again, Bessie wonders what's the point of being good anyway?

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 4 Now

Dirty Happy / Tour D'Alcatraz
When Happy refuses to take a bath, Bessie tries everything to trick him into taking one, but he's one step ahead of her. The only clear solution?

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 3 Now

What's the Frequency Bessie? / Bee Nice
Bessie gets an abnormally large filling in her tooth and discovers she is now a radio-signal receiving machine. With so many voices in her head, she can hardly be responsible for her actions!

Watch The Mighty B! Season 2 Episode 2 Now

When a disappointed Bessie has to dress up as a cat, instead of a pirate, for Halloween, she ends up getting into character way more than she expects. Meanwhile, Happy can barely restrain himself from attacking her!

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Created by Amy Poehler of Parks and Recreation fame, along with Erik Wiese and Cynthia True, The Mighty B! is a lively animated series that delighted fans on Nickelodeon from 2008-2011. The show is known for its distinctive animated style, memorable characters, and unique brand of humor. The primary focus of the series is on the character Bessie Higgenbottom, an ambitious and imaginative young girl voiced by Poehler, whose dreams and imagination fuel the series' energetic narrative.

At the heart of The Mighty B! is 9-year-old Bessie Higgenbottom, whose unyielding determination to earn badges for her scout troop, the Honeybee Scouts, provides the foundation for the series' many adventures. Bessie's wide-eyed optimism and dogged determination to become “The Mighty B”, a legendary figure within the scout world, make her an endearing and engaging protagonist.

Bessie resides in San Francisco with her dog Happy, her younger brother Benjamin, and her single mother Hilary. Each episode sees the buoyant and tenacious Bessie take on a new undertaking to earn her numerous badges, which she believes will eventually make her into her superhero alter ego - The Mighty B. She’s characteristically unfazed by the magnitude of her ambitions, meeting each challenge, whether large or small, with the same fearsome enthusiasm and resourcefulness.

Bessie's exploits are supported by a vivid host of characters, each with their own quirks and charm. These include Finger, her anthropomorphized right index finger; Ben, her shy and cautious younger brother; Penny, her fun-loving best friend; and Portia, the troop's antagonist. As well as unique characters, the show is peppered with imaginative scenarios that play out in Bessie’s imaginative mind, grounding the show in a reality of childhood innocence, though often stretching the boundaries of reality.

The Mighty B! stands out with its sophisticated writing and subtle humor that can appeal to all ages. The show consistently delivers on its comedic intention without losing its youthful light-heartedness. It's refreshing to see a young female protagonist portrayed with such gumption and drive. Bessie's relentless pursuit of her goals is an empowering theme throughout, while the adult characters are presented with a wonderful tongue-in-cheek absurdity.

Accompanying the show's narrative is its memorable visual style. The Mighty B! embraces an energetic, frenetic animation approach, characterized by bright colors and exaggerated movements. This visual style perfectly complements the show's zany humor and breakneck pace. Additionally, the series' standout vignettes often make creative and ambitious leaps, providing an edgy and unpredictable viewing experience.

Moreover, The Mighty B! boasts an impressive voice acting lineup, chiefly starring Amy Poehler. Poehler’s impassioned performance as Bessie captures the character’s spirit and determination and anchors the show with a palpable sense of fun. The rest of the voice cast also excel in their roles, lending an additional layer of charisma and vitality to the series.

In terms of music, the peppy theme song, performed by Amy Miles, echoes the vibrance of the show, while the accompanying score deftly underscores the action and hijinks on screen. It’s a key part of what makes the show’s atmosphere feel so uplifting and contagious.

In conclusion, The Mighty B! is a delightful rollercoaster of an animation series. It's a fearless, joyous celebration of the power of a child's imagination, filled with well-realized characters. With its blend of surreal humor, engrossing storylines, and inspiring central character, the show is both a comedic riot and an optimistic depiction of childhood. The Mighty B! is brightly colored, fast-paced, intelligent, and, above all, fun. Whether you're a young viewer looking for an exciting new cartoon to dive into, or an older watcher in search of sophisticated humor and storytelling, there's something for everyone in this Nickelodeon gem.

The Mighty B! is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 39 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.3.

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How can I watch The Mighty B! online? The Mighty B! is available on Nickelodeon with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch The Mighty B! on demand at Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Amazon, Paramount+ online.

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