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"Yolki", or "Six Degrees of Celebration" as it is known in English, is a Russian comedy-drama film that hit the silver screens in 2010. It is a festive spectacle directed by Timur Bekmambetov and an array of talented directors that capture the variety in Russian life. The film features an ensemble cast with the likes of Dmitry Medvedev, Alina Bulynko, and Sergey Pokhodaev.

"Yolki" captured hearts across the globe with its unique comedic twist on the idea of interconnectedness proposed by Hungarian writer Frigyes Karinthy. According to Karinthy’s theory, any two individuals on Earth can be connected through no more than five acquaintances. "Yolki" uses this concept to tell an originative and moving story set during New Year's Eve. It explores the lives of several people from different corners of the country and their interactions which gradually intersect as the plot progresses.

The storyline juggles between various cities including Kaliningrad, Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, and Moscow, introducing us to characters dealing with personal dilemmas amid the brewing New Year celebrations. The movie opens up in Kaliningrad, where the character of Evgeniy, played by Dmitry Medvedev, comes to the forefront. He is challenged with a tough life-decision that gets entwined with the lives of people he has never met. Alina Bulynko plays a spoilt metropolitan girl in Moscow whose life is no less complicated than Evgeniy's. Her character, Valya, offers comedy amidst chaos. Sergey Pokhodaev introduces us to a young Kolya from Krasnoyarsk, reaching out to President Medvedev for a hopeful miracle for his friend.

The magic of Yolki, in its course of 90 minutes, lies in its successful portrayal of diverse snapshots of Russian society. It captures happiness, sorrow, celebration, both the mundane and the extraordinary, and bonds that surpass geographical boundaries. It brings out the sense of unity and spirit which gear up when the clock strokes midnight on New Year's Eve, a sentiment well-cherished in the Russian culture.

Directors Timur Bekmambetov, Yaroslav Chevazhevskiy, Ignas Jonynas, Dmitriy Kiselev, Aleksandr Kott, and Andrey Kavun have meticulously stitched together the different storylines, with underlying themes of hope, belonging, and friendship woven into the comedic narrative. Audiences get to see a glimpse of everyday Russian life with its highs and lows combined with an infectious celebratory atmosphere.

The actors do an excellent job of bringing their characters to life, each interacting with a different problem and distinct environment. The portrayal of their varied reactions to the circumstances creates a mesh of emotions that is both realistic and entertaining. Dmitry Medvedev shines in his role as Evgeniy, Alina Bulynko exhibits flawless comic timing whereas Sergey Pokhodaev essays his role with surprising maturity for his age. The film also boasts of the performance of stalwarts like Sergey Svetlakov and Ivan Urgant.

Bolstered by the success of "Yolki", the annual sequels of the movie have become a sort of festive tradition reflecting evolving Russian society, resonating well with audiences at home and abroad. Each sequel carries forward the connected stories trope, but it is this original that started the phenomenon.

The technical aspects of the movie are also noteworthy. The background score and the cinematography successfully capture the celebratory spirit of the New Year, making the audience feel like they are part of the celebrations. Transitioning smoothly between different cities and maintaining the coherence in the script adds another feather to the cap of the creative team behind this ambitious project.

In summary, "Yolki" is a heartfelt film that portrays Russian culture and the interconnectedness of people. It is a celebration of life's surprises, the spirit of festivity, human bond and the adventure that each New Year brings. It is a slice of life comedy-drama that captivates the audience with its warmth, humor and the unique storytelling style. The all-star cast, breezy execution, and clever intertwining plots make for an incredibly enjoyable experience that is bound to leave you in high spirits.

Yolki is a Comedy movie released in 2010. It has a runtime of 85. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.2..

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