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What Katy Did is a charming 1999 family drama film, which captures the heartwarming essence of Susan Coolidge's best-loved novel, the first in a series of five, published in 1872. The movie includes an outstanding cast and boasts a directorial style that brings the pages of this beloved book to life on the screen. The film stars the very talented Alison Pill as the headstrong tomboy protagonist, Katy Carr, Megan Follows as Katy's stern but loving Aunt Izzie, and Martha Burns as the poignant Cousin Helen.

The movie revolves around the joyous and tumultuous life of Katy Carr, a vivacious, spirited young girl who aspires to be 'beautiful and beloved, and amiable as an angel', but more often than not, finds herself getting into all sorts of misadventures due to her uncontrollable curiosity and restlessness. Katy's warm, caring nature is uncontainable as she navigates life with her five younger siblings - her loving confidant Clover, comedic brothers Dorry and Johnnie, and the charming sisters Elsie and Joanna. Katy is essentially the emotional glue that holds the Carr family together after the loss of their mother. She is driven to adapt, fairly successfully, into the vacant motherhood role, while her father, who is mostly preoccupied with the concerns of his medical practice, delegates to Aunt Izzie the responsibility of enforcing discipline within the family.

Megan Follows splendidly portrays Aunt Izzie, who, while being deeply caring, tends to be overly strict, and often finds herself at odds with Katy's fun-loving personality. Aunt Izzie enforces strict rules, aiming to instil in Katy and her siblings the virtues of patience, hard work, cleanliness, and respectability. While her intentions are pure, her stern demeanor and emphasis on propriety and decorum often clash with Katy's free-spirit and adventurous nature.

Co-star Martha Burns delivers a powerful performance as Cousin Helen, a disabled and wise woman whom despite her physical limitations shines with an inner light that inspires all around her. Cousin Helen's character will act as a beacon of strength and a role model to Katy, influencing her outlook towards life and its trials and tribulations. It is the relationship between these two, portrayed beautifully by Alison Pill and Martha Burns, that adds extra depth and emotional resonance to the story.

Set in the 19th Century in the quaint town of Burnet, the film is steeped in the charm of a simpler time. The director skillfully uses the historical backdrop as an integral part of the narrative, offering the audience a visually satisfying treat. From the beautifully designed wardrobe that appropriately captures the fashion of the era, to the immersive scenic views of Burnet, the film is a picturesque representation of the time period.

The screenplay of What Katy Did moves at an earnest pace, interspersing genuine humor, poignant drama, and subtle romance against a backdrop of familial trials and celebrations. Alison Pill's lively performance as Katy beautifully encapsulates the spirit of a headstrong girl coming of age amidst life-changing circumstances. Katy's journey, from being a wild, high-spirited child to a thoughtful, resilient young woman, forms the crux of the narrative and is sure to resonate with viewers from all walks of life.

While the film remains largely faithful to the original novel, it also introduces unique flavors of its own, which add to the narrative and character depth. The movie paints a vivid portrait of family life and the challenges and joys that come along with growing up. It offers valuable lessons on patience, perseverance, and the power of transformative love and family bonds.

The film beautifully highlights that life is an unpredictable journey filled with challenges, joys, sorrow, and laughter, but it's how we learn and grow from these experiences that truly shapes us as individuals. Coupled with lovely cinematography, authentic set designs, and a moving score, What Katy Did is a delightful movie that will leave you filled with warmth, nostalgia, and an appreciation for family ties. Be sure to grab a handful of tissues before settling in to watch this heartfully rendered adaptation of a classic novel. What Katy Did is an absolute must-watch for audiences of all ages, particularly those who appreciate touching family dramas infused with life-lessons and charming historic ambiance.

What Katy Did is a Drama, TV Movie movie released in 1999. It has a runtime of 88 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0..

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