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Welcome to Me is a 2014 dark comedy directed by Shira Piven, starring Kristen Wiig, James Marsden, and Linda Cardellini. The movie tells the story of Alice Klieg, a woman who suffers from borderline personality disorder and wins the lottery, which allows her to fulfill her dream of having her own TV show. Alice Klieg, played by Kristen Wiig, is a socially awkward and neurotic woman who lives in a Palm Desert, California casino. Alice has always had difficulty fitting in with others, and her borderline personality disorder exacerbates her social isolation. She has a fixation with Oprah Winfrey, and her dream has always been to have her own talk show. When Alice wins $86 million in the lottery, she decides to use the money to create her own show, which she titles "Welcome to Me." Alice's new show is a platform for her to discuss her life and her unique perspectives. She hires a two-person crew, including her childhood friend Gina (Linda Cardellini), to produce the show. Alice's show is not typical talk-show fare, as it consists of her rambling, self-absorbed monologues and bizarre skits. Alice uses her show as a means to confront people from her past and to discuss her mental health struggles. As Alice's show becomes more popular, she begins to spiral out of control. She uses her newfound fame to manipulate those around her, including her long-suffering ex-husband (Alan Tudyk), her therapist (Tim Robbins), and her reluctant hosts (James Marsden). Alice becomes increasingly unpredictable, and the show becomes a reflection of the complex and unstable nature of her personality. Welcome to Me is a dark and biting satire that explores the intersection of mental illness and media. The movie offers a unique perspective on the cult of personality that surrounds media personalities and the exploitation of those who are considered to be 'other.' Kristen Wiig delivers a standout performance as Alice, capturing both the comedic and tragic aspects of the character's personality. The supporting cast is also excellent, especially Linda Cardellini as Alice's loyal friend, and James Marsden as the reluctant host of Alice's show. The movie is shot in a bright and colorful palette, in sharp contrast to the darker themes it explores. The editing is fast-paced, creating a sense of energy and urgency that matches Alice's unstable personality. The soundtrack is also excellent, featuring a mix of classic pop songs and original music by composer David Robbins. The movie is not without its flaws, however. The pacing can be slow at times, and the plot can meander. Some of the jokes, especially those centered on mental illness, may not land well with all audiences. The movie also lacks a clear resolution or moral, which may leave some viewers feeling unsatisfied. Overall, Welcome to Me is a unique and thought-provoking movie that offers a scathing commentary on our media-obsessed culture. Kristen Wiig delivers a powerful performance that highlights the complexities of mental illness, and the supporting cast is excellent. While the movie may not be for everyone, it is a must-see for fans of dark comedies and satire.

Welcome to Me is a Comedy, Drama movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 88 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 69.

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Shira Piven
Kristen Wiig, James Marsden, Linda Cardellini, Wes Bentley
Also directed by Shira Piven
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