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Way of the Dragon, also known as Return of the Dragon in the United States, is a Hong Kong martial arts action film from 1972. The movie is a masterpiece directed by the legendary martial arts star himself, Bruce Lee. The film turned out to be iconic in the transmission of Eastern martial arts culture to the West, erecting Lee as a global superstar. The film also stars American martial artist Chuck Norris and Taiwanese actress Nora Miao.

In Way of the Dragon, Bruce Lee plays Tang Lung, a country martial artist from Hong Kong who is sent to Rome to help his family friend's restaurant, which is being plagued by local mafia syndicates. As the mafia consistently threatens and tries to buy off the restaurant, Tang Lung's unique martial arts skills step into the spotlight. His bravery and determination become the small restaurant's only defense against the overpowering local underworld.

This humble character of Tang Lung, expertly portrayed by Lee, is masterfully paired with his extraordinary fighting abilities. This combination of attributes makes for a character that is at once genuinely likable and awe-inspiring. As the film progresses, the audience can't help but cheer for Tang Lung, and the film's success owes a lot to his character's likability and Bruce Lee's charisma.

Another highlight of the film is the climactic fight scene between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris at the Roman Colosseum, which has become iconic in the martial arts genre. This showdown offers an exciting clash of Norris's traditional Karate versus Lee's unconventional Jeet Kune Do, giving a spectacular homage to both fighting styles. Chuck Norris, playing the character of Colt, an American martial artist hired to kill Tang Lung, does an excellent job of portraying a formidable opponent. Their encounter is gripping, intense, and incredibly well-choreographed, embodying the essence of the martial arts film genre.

Furthermore, the character of Chen Ching Hua, played by Nora Miao, adds an emotional undertone to the story. She is the strong-willed restaurant owner determined to keep the business despite the constant threats from the mafia. Her connection to Tang Lung deepens as the film progresses, adding a touch of romance to the story.

The film is also a showcase of Bruce Lee's own martial art style, Jeet Kune Do, which emphasizes practicality, flexibility, speed, and efficiency. The fight sequences are quick, brutal, and realistic, depicting Lee's philosophy of martial arts. His incredible physical prowess and charisma consistenly impress the viewers - even the fight scenes involving multiple opponents are meticulously choreographed, further showcasing Lee's martial artistry.

Way of the Dragon, while primarily renowned for its extraordinary martial arts, is more than just a succession of fight scenes. Its engaging storyline balances the intense action sequences with moments of humor and lighter scenes. These comic interludes primarily involve misunderstandings due to language barriers, showcasing Bruce Lee's knack for combining humor and action seamlessly. The film stands out due to its unique mix of levity, intense action, and character depth.

Set against the vibrant and historic backdrop of Rome, the film wonderfully contrasts the Oriental protagonist against the Western setting. This clash of cultures is cleverly depicted in various scenes and largely contributes to the movie's charm. The cinematography is praiseworthy, with the action scenes of Hong Kong cinema masterfully blended with the picturesque landscapes of Rome, establishing a unique and riveting cinematic universe.

Overall, the Way of the Dragon is an emblematic representation of Bruce Lee's mastery - both in front of and behind the camera. As Lee's directorial debut, the film exhibits a profound understanding of storytelling, dramatic pacing, and the creation and execution of martial arts sequences. The movie's primary appeal lies in its superb fusion of compelling characters, humor, thrilling martial arts, and memorable cinema scenes.

It's a must-watch for anyone interested in the genre. The film radiates authenticity and passion, a clear testament to Bruce Lee's mastery of martial arts and his dedication to advancing the genre. Way of the Dragon stands as a timeless classic, loved by fans of martial arts and cinema everywhere.

Way of the Dragon is a Action, Crime movie released in 1972. It has a runtime of 100 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 58.

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