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TiMER, released in 2009, is a romantic comedy that explores the concept of a futuristic device called the "TiMER" that helps people find their soulmates. Starring Emma Caulfield Ford, Scott Holroyd, and Kali Rocha, the film is directed by Jac Schaeffer and produced by Jennifer Glynn.

The movie follows the story of a young woman named Oona O'Leary, played by Emma Caulfield Ford, who is tired of waiting for her soulmate. She decides to get a TiMER device implanted, as it promises to tell her the exact date and time she will meet her match. However, when her device remains blank, indicating that her soulmate has not yet implanted a TiMER, Oona becomes frustrated and disillusioned with the concept.

As she navigates her love life, Oona discovers that her TiMER has a 30-year countdown, which leaves her wondering if she is meant to be alone until her 43rd birthday. Meanwhile, her love life takes a turn as she becomes involved with Mikey, played by John Patrick Amedori, who is not her soulmate according to the TiMER.

On the other hand, Oona's half-sister, Steph, played by Kali Rocha, has a TiMER that counts down to only a few months in the future. Steph's enthusiasm turns to panic as she struggles to find a way to meet her soulmate before time runs out.

As the movie progresses, the contrast between Oona and Steph's experiences highlights the complexity of the love and relationships that humans experience. The film also poses some intriguing questions like "Does destiny determine love?" and "Can technology enhance or restrict relationships and choices?"

The movie's strength lies in its relatability; everyone has been in Oona's shoes at some point, waiting for Mr. or Ms. Right to walk into their life. The film takes an interesting approach to the theme of love, showcasing how the TiMER affects relationships and how its interpretation of a 'soulmate' can be limiting. The film also has an excellent supporting cast, including Scott Holroyd as Oona's cheating ex-boyfriend, and Marika Dominczyk as Stephanie's friend, who has her own romantic complications.

TiMER explores the theme of love using a fresh and clever lens, with a compelling storyline and characters that are easy to root for. The movie ultimately reveals that in love, timing and destiny can be misleading and sometimes require a little bit of a risk. The film's message is universal, relatable, and thought-provoking, making it an excellent addition to the romantic comedy genre.

Overall, TiMER's mixture of love, technology, and destiny makes it a compelling watch, with a relatable storyline that makes viewers become emotionally invested in the characters' lives. If you are in the mood for something unique, funny, and a little bit futuristic, TiMER is definitely worth checking out.

TiMER is a Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Science Fiction, Romance movie released in 2010. It has a runtime of 99 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5..

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Jac Schaeffer
Emma Caulfield, Michelle Borth, John Patrick Amedori, Desmond Harrington, JoBeth Williams, Kali Rocha
Also directed by Jac Schaeffer
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