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Big Ass Spider! Is a 2013 science fiction/comedy film directed by esteemed horror director Mike Mendez and stars Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Alias), Lin Shaye (Insidious, A Nightmare on Elm Street), and Ruben Pla (Insidious, Contracted). This quirky, unexpected gem is a gift for any fan of the B-movie genre, blending stereotype-smashing humor with surprisingly impressive effects. The film operates under the principle that any situation, no matter how dire or absurd, can be played for laughs without losing its inherent thrill factor.

Our protagonist is Alex Mathis (Greg Grunberg), a small-time exterminator with a heart of gold. When we first meet Alex, he's handling an awkward pest removal that quickly spirals into hilarity. His day takes an unexpected turn for the worse when he’s bitten by a poisonous spider, landing him in a hospital. What might have been a simple trip to the emergency room, however, turns peculiar when a giant corpse mysteriously falls from the sky onto the hospital. Sensing a connection to his profession and a mass of potential new customers, Alex starts to investigate.

Meanwhile, there's more than just the usual patients at LA City Hospital. Special Agent Johnson (Ray Wise) and Lieutenant Karly Brant (Clare Kramer) are there too, tasked with securing the inexplicable giant corpse. Their mission becomes complicated when they find that the body is home to something horrifying: a gigantic alien spider.

Enter Jose Ramos (Lombardo Boyar), a hospital security guard who becomes partnered with Alex. Jose trails Alex as he attempts to kill the creature in the hospital basement. When the pair’s plan goes miserably awry, the giant spider breaks free, causing havoc through Los Angeles, leaving webs of destruction in its trail.

Instead of fleeing, Alex sees the spider situation as his golden opportunity – an exterminator’s dream come true. Imagine taking on the biggest assignment of your career – a Big Ass Spider! Alex, with Jose in toe, reaches out to authorities, offering his expertise as exterminator to tackle the creature before it levels the city.

The plot then revolves around these two unlikely heroes trying to stop the monstrous spider. Along their mission, our pair, accompanied by militaries and local authorities navigate through a series of comedic misadventures, derailing whatever heavy-handedness the sci-fi spectacle might have otherwise had and constantly defying audience's expectations.

The unique character development, especially the relationship between Alex and Jose, adds layers of complexity not often found in your typical creature-features. Both characters are plagued with insecurities and doubts, making them relatable. They’re not your stereotypical monster-fighting heroes; they’re everyday guys, swatting at an enormous problem with a flyswatter.

With a breakout performance by Greg Grunberg, some genuinely thrilling moments, and a healthy helping of campy humor, Big Ass Spider! Is an entertaining popcorn flick for anyone seeking a fun-loving adventure with a sizable nod towards classic creature features. The creature, a titular gigantic spider, is sleek and menacing, while the visual effects were much better than one might expect given the film's modest budget. The spider actually accomplishes an air of legitimacy and palpability, adding to the film's overall aesthetic quality and fun factor.

Director Mendez's affection for campy sci-fi horror shines through, crafting a film that is self-aware without mocking the genre and balances humor and scares seamlessly. It might be quirky, and riotously irreverent, but it's also a competent thriller. In addition, the film benefits from Lin Shaye's critical role, whose performance bolsters the movie's comedic elements.

The cinematography is vivid and visually dynamic, making ample use of the Los Angeles landmarks. There’s a noticeable energy to the action sequences, balancing large-scale spider attacks with more intimate, ground-level chaos. From its witty one-liners to its tongue-in-cheek nod to the 1950s sci-fi horror genre, Big Ass Spider! truly is a fun homage to the giant monster movies of years gone by.

Ultimately, Big Ass Spider! is a clever, hilarious, and occasionally heartwarming roller coaster of action and comedic horror. It is a must-watch for any fan of B-movies and, more broadly, anyone who enjoys not taking life (or the impending apocalypse) too seriously.

Big Ass Spider! is a Science Fiction movie released in 2013. It has a runtime of 80 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 53.

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