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Things Change is a captivating blend of comedy and drama from the year 1988, featuring an all-star cast lead by none other than Don Ameche, Joe Mantegna, and Robert Prosky, amongst others. Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker David Mamet, this film is an intriguing exploration of the human condition, centered around the concepts of destiny, loyalty, and the unpredictability of life.

The film kicks off with the introduction of Gino, a disarmingly honest and humble old man, beautifully portrayed by Don Ameche. He's a humble shoe shiner by trade, content and satisfied with his lackluster life until fate throws him a curveball. He gets embroiled in a mob-related case, where he's asked to take the fall, to admit to a crime he did not commit. As a reward for taking the fall, he's promised a luxurious life once he completes his supposed jail time.

The ever-talented Joe Mantegna plays the role of Jerry - a low-level mafioso tasked with the paradoxical responsibility of looking after Gino before he has to turn himself in. Jerry's mission is simple; Ensure Gino enjoys his last few days as a free man. Given the circumstances, a developing bond is inevitable. Jerry and Gino embark on a two-day getaway to Tahoe, a journey filled with comic mishaps and unexpected consequences - all built on a foundation of raw humanity and heartwarming friendships.

Things Change soon spirals into a farcical, yet intimate journey that explores the extraordinary effects of ordinary people's choices. Gino's simple charm and humble demeanor captivate those around him, leading to a series of amusing misunderstandings and scenarios as the duo encounter various colorful characters along the way.

Don Ameche stands out in his performance as Gino, his innocence and charm embodying the character beautifully. He navigates his way through the increasingly complicated web of deception and mistaken identity with a refreshing blend of naivety and wisdom, making him an instant favorite among viewers. Simultaneously, Joe Mantegna delivers a great performance as Jerry, wrestling with his loyalty to his superiors while establishing a complex friendship with Gino, creating some truly touching and heartfelt moments.

Robert Prosky, as the intimidating mob boss, adds yet another layer of complexity to this plot. His presence looms over Jerry and Gino throughout their journey, adding an element of danger and unpredictability that continually raises the stakes for our unlikely duo.

David Mamet, known for his sharp, crisp dialogue and nuanced characters, once again brings his unique storytelling approach to this film. He crafts complex characters using simple situations and everyday conversations, creating a tapestry of human emotions where viewers can appreciate the story's subtleties and root for the characters. Each scene is crafted cleverly to balance humor and tension, combining elements of comedy and drama to ensure a gratifying cinematic experience.

Furthermore, the film's cinematography beautifully captures the diverse landscapes, from the serene beauty of Lake Tahoe to the menacing environment of Chicago's streets. The contrasting visuals mirror the protagonists' contrasting situations perfectly and add to the overall charm of the movie.

All in all, Things Change manages to engage the audience with its simple yet layered narrative, well-etched characters, and nuanced performances. The film wonderfully explores themes of friendship, sacrifice, loyalty, crime, and mistaken identities, all against the backdrop of innocuous humor and unintended consequences. It's a movie that encourages us to appreciate life and see the larger picture even amidst complicated circumstances.

In spite of its comedic undertones, Things Change is essentially a human drama at heart, reminding us that sometimes, in the unpredictable journey of life, things indeed do change — and often for the better. If you are a fan of character-driven narratives with a blend of humor and drama, this film is bound to leave a lasting impression on you.

Things Change is a Comedy, Crime movie released in 1988. It has a runtime of 100 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.0. It also holds a MetaScore of 71.

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