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The Year Earth Changed is a documentary film released in 2021 that brings viewers on an incredible journey through the year 2020, providing a unique look at how the pandemic affected our planet. This film is narrated by the renowned natural historian and broadcaster David Attenborough, known for his work on programmes such as Planet Earth and Blue Planet. The film is directed by Tom Beard and features stunning visuals and heart-warming stories of how some of the world's most endangered species have been impacted by the pandemic.

From the start, the film captivates the audience with stunning footage of cities across the world emptying out and going quiet. The opening sequence shows coastlines and famous landmarks deserted in a way that could only have been imagined previously in apocalypse films. David Attenborough's voiceover stresses that the pandemic has caused a lot of damage, but that it also taught us a valuable lesson about how our actions impact the environment. We are then introduced to a few of the people who have been able to observe the changes first-hand.

The first segment of the movie focuses on the effect of lockdowns on wildlife. The team captured footage of animals appearing to reclaim their territory in places like Central Park, New York, and Venice, Italy. The documentary shows how bald eagles are nesting in areas that they previously avoided due to human activity. Whales and dolphins have returned to their traditional migration paths, with humpbacks being spotted in Canadian waters for the first time in over a decade. The movie establishes a strong connection between the humans' newfound respect for nature and the animals' ability to adapt to new circumstances.

The Year Earth Changed features numerous stories of humans interacting with wildlife in ways that they never thought were possible. For instance, in one segment, viewers get to meet Bhashkar Bara, a honey hunter in Nepal who is working to protect wild bees. Bara, along with his team, has been able to extract honey from beehives in a way that doesn't destroy the entire colony, leading to increased bee populations. This incredible footage shows the hunters using ancient techniques and requires a lot of skill and bravery.

Another powerful moment in the movie is when we see how the pandemic has allowed animals to live without the constant threat of tourism. The team documented how the lack of human activity in Hawaii's coral reef and beaches has enabled the endangered Hawaiian monk seal to thrive. Tour operators are beginning to consider how they can make eco-tourism more sustainable and respectful of wildlife.

Overall, The Year Earth Changed is a fascinating documentary that gives us a glimpse into how the planet has evolved during an unprecedented time in human history. Along with the stunning visuals, the documentary highlights stories of people and animals persevering during difficult times. It also emphasises how we can adjust our behaviour to better live in harmony with the natural world. People who are interested in environmentalism, wildlife conservation, or just the impact of the pandemic on the planet will appreciate this film. It is a compelling tribute to how the earth can recover when humans give it a chance.

The Year Earth Changed is a Documentary movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it mostly positive reviews, with an IMDb score of 8.2..

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