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The Year Earth Changed is a captivating and insightful documentary film that debuted in 2021, narrated by the legendary natural historian, David Attenborough, featuring contributions from other environmental experts including Bhashkar Bara and Dulu Bora. The backdrop of the film is the year 2020, a time when global human society was brought to an almost standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid all the chaos and uncertainty, nature, surprisingly, started to thrive when human activity was limited. People began to connect with nature in ways that they hadn't done in a long time, possibly owing to their craving for solace and the peacefulness it offers in the midst of a crisis. This powerful narrative forms the heart of The Year Earth Changed. Emphasizing a unique blend of storytelling and stunning cinematography, the film covers different habitats and ecosystems around the globe. David Attenborough, whose voice is a constant in the film, delivers passionate narration that invisibly transports viewers across continents, enabling them to bear witness to the breathtaking transformation of our planet. One of the significant revelations in the film is the clarity it provides about the catastrophic impact of human activity on the environment. The drastic reduction in human presence, travel, and daily commotion allowed the world to witness an impressive and swift environmental revival. The footage is groundbreaking, capturing wild animals claim back their habitats, reductions in pollution levels, and the unexpected bonding between humans and wildlife. Humbled by nature's profound resilience, The Year Earth Changed prompts us to contemplate the potential benefits if we incorporate even a fraction of these pandemic induced lifestyle changes into our post-pandemic world. More than a recounting of nature's revival, it encourages viewers to reflect on how we can redefine our relationship with mother nature. In this thought-provoking documentary, David Attenborough leads viewers on an intriguing journey through the changes happening around the world. His commentary reflects his unrivaled expertise and remains ever so passionate and enlightening. Attenborough's narration coupled with the footage of animals enjoying unperturbed by human intrusion, and thriving in their natural habitats, presents a fresh perspective on our relationship with the natural world. Bhashkar Bara and Dulu Bora bring additional depth to this documentary with their unique insights, enriching the narrative through their own perspectives on environment and wildlife. Their contributions give the film an even broader understanding of the world we live in and how we can protect it. The Year Earth Changed is a beautiful testament to nature's ability to not just survive, but to flourish in the absence of human interference. The vibrant colors and diverse landscapes captured in the film are set alongside clear, factual observations, making both the heart and the mind engage with the content. While the film surely celebrates the rejuvenation of nature, it doesn't mince words about the serious damage that has been inflicted on the environment over the years due to human activities. It acts as a wake-up call, urging us to rethink how we coexist with animals and natural ecosystems. In the end, The Year Earth Changed achieves the difficult task of transforming an unprecedented global emergency into a tale of hope - hope that humans can learn from these spontaneous blips of positive environmental change, and make prolonged efforts to protect and revive the environment. The documentary underscores the message that it is not too late to reverse the harm we have inflicted on the environment; nature is astoundingly resilient and can bounce back if given a chance. The Year Earth Changed is a must-watch not only for environmental enthusiasts but also for those who wish to comprehend the enormity of human impact on the world. It is a film that marries hard science with striking imagery that resides long after viewing. It is an illuminating, emotional, and profound reminder that, in the grand scheme of things, we are just guests on this beautiful planet that we call home.

The Year Earth Changed is a Documentary movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it mostly positive reviews, with an IMDb score of 8.2..

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