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The Visitation is a 2006 thriller-drama film directed by Robby Henson, showcasing the talents of Martin Donovan, Edward Furlong, and Kelly Lynch. The movie is adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name by Frank E. Peretti, a notable author known for writing Christian fiction with a blend of supernatural elements.

The Visitation, set in the small town of Antioch, unravels a gripping narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The story is told primarily through the eyes of the key character, Travis Jordan, compellingly portrayed by Martin Donovan. Travis, a former pastor, finds his simple and peaceful life in the rural town upset by a series of unexplained phenomena and miraculous happenings that throw the town's residents into a frenzy of sorts.

Edward Furlong plays a charismatic, enigmatic stranger who arrives in town around the same time as these strange events start to transpire. The allure of this stranger and his ability to weave an inescapable web of charisma and intrigue around him sets the townsfolk abuzz with speculation and anticipation, targeting their desperate hopes, insatiable curiosity, and deepest fears. Furlong impresses with a performance that is as charming as it is unsettling, twining an aura of mystery around his character that leaves viewers intrigued and slightly anxious.

Kelly Lynch plays the role of Morgan Elliott, a former doctor and romantic interest of Travis. She brings an air of rationality and skepticism to the happenings in the Antioch, complicating the dynamics as dramatic events unfold. Together, Travis and Morgan add a layer of tension and suspense to the story, trying to unravel the truth behind the miraculous events and the stranger's real identity.

The Visitation explores the themes of faith, redemption, and fear in the face of the unexplainable, propelling its characters into a whirlwind journey of self-discovery, spiritual questioning, and resistance against manipulated belief. The movie skillfully blends elements of suspense, drama, and supernatural horror to create an atmosphere charged with riveting tension and unease.

The backdrop of a small, close-knit community in Antioch amplifies the emotions and reactions associated with the unexplained happenings, allowing the film to deeply explore how suspicion, fear, faith, and hope impact human interaction and belief systems. The town’s inhabitants, their individual responses to the events, and their interactions with the stranger add color and depth to the narrative, making for a rich tapestry of multifaceted, real, and relatable characters.

The film's direction effectively leverages scenic locations, capable actors and a compelling script to create an anxious and riveting environment that plays out artfully on the screen. The camera work makes impressive use of low light and shadow, creating an appropriately eerie ambiance that adds depth to the suspense-filled proceedings.

Under Henson's astute direction, the film maintains a steady pace, gradually peeling back layers of intrigue and suspense to reveal subtle hints about the true nature of what's happening in Antioch. The performances of Donovan, Furlong, and Lynch are well-calibrated, each of them bringing their respective characters to life in ways that powerfully resonate with viewers.

The Visitation stands as a film that, although rooted in Christian literature, delivers a universally approachable story revealing human behavior when confronted with inexplicable occurrences. It asks potent questions about faith and deception, and the lengths people will go for what they believe in.

In essence, The Visitation is an engrossing drama that delivers a healthy dose of thrills and suspense while questioning the nature of faith and belief. It's a film that will challenge viewers, leaving them to ponder long after the credits roll. Highly recommended for those who appreciate thought-provoking narratives and suspenseful storytelling.

The Visitation is a Drama, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller movie released in 2005. It has a runtime of 103 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.1..

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