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The Package is a comedic film from 2018 directed by Jake Szymanski and features a young, quirky cast, including Daniel Doheny, Geraldine Viswanathan, and Sadie Calvano. The film centres on a group of five friends embarking on a spring break camping trip. What could have been a typical coming-of-age lighthearted adventure quickly turns into an outrageous and hysterical struggle for survival.

The cast of the film perfectly encapsulates the energy and hilarity of modern youth. Daniel Doheny plays the role of Sean Floyd, a somewhat clumsy but well-meaning character who adds a good measure of awkward humor to the movie. His best friend is Donnie, played by Luke Spencer Roberts, who's reckless and carefree nature off-sets Sean's more reserved demeanor. Sadie Calvano and Geraldine Viswanathan play the roles of Becky and Sarah, respectively – two strong female characters who prove to be just as capable, if not even more so, than their male counterparts. Eduardo Franco rounds out the main cast as the odd but lovable Jeremy.

The premise of The Package is simple: during their camping trip, an unfortunate accident involving a pocket knife results in an unexpected medical emergency. The friends, in their panic and lack of a proper medical background, haphazardly try to perform a “field surgery” but ultimately end up needing to get the necessary medical supplies to save their friend. The situation leads them into a chain of chaotic events, with each moment more outlandish than the last. The friends have to overcome various obstacles, face numerous setbacks, and endure a series of both hilarious and cringe-worthy events to achieve their goal.

What makes The Package stand out is it’s departure from the classic slapstick comedy trope and the way it infuses realism with absolute absurdity. Various comedic elements are at play ranging from physical comedy to situational humor, and everything in between. One of the crucial aspects of the film is its comedic timing, and credit to the director Jake Szymanski for creating an upbeat, fast-paced rhythm that ensures a capricious moving-piece of energy throughout the movie.

The film starts off like any ordinary teen comedy with its casual humor, sexual innuendos, and rash decisions. But shortly after the unthinkable incident occurs, The Package takes a 180-degree turn into entirely unpredictable territory. The friends don't merely face few minor hiccups on their journey; instead, they end up in scenarios that escalates their mission to almost mission impossible standards. The story makes it a point to show that everyone is involved and invested equally, making their camaraderie even more engaging and rewarding for the audience.

The Package is unapologetically foolish and celebrates its oddness through crude humor and astonishingly inappropriate gags. As arguably one of the most unique films to come out of 2018, it has a distinct style of comedy that will appeal to a particular audience. And yet, amidst its seemingly juvenile humor is commendation for its handling of themes such as friendship, the transition from adolescence to adulthood, and even a subtext regarding the flawed American healthcare system.

The film feels like it's aware of its absurdity, and it uses this to draw its audiences in, keeping them on their toes and expecting the unexpected. The sharp, witty dialogues, the physical humor, and the tight screenplay make the ludicrousness of their adventures engaging to watch. The jokes are funny because of the ridiculously high stakes, and the laughs come from the viewer's disbelief that these often absurd scenarios are happening to begin with.

While some may find it cringe-worthy and even vulgar, one can't deny that The Package is a movie that takes risks in its narrative and presentation. It refuses to be confined by the usual cliche of teen movies and instead offers an out-of-the-box narrative that is entertaining, eyebrow-raising, and surprisingly touching at times. It's this quality that makes The Package an adventure worth embarking upon, even for the faint of heart. Even if it may not be everyone's cup of tea, The Package promises to leave its viewers entertained and amused with its unique spin on comedy.

The Package is a Comedy movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 94 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.6..

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