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The Lost Daughter is a psychological drama that premiered in 2021, featuring performances from renowned actresses Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson, and Jessie Buckley. This film is the fascinating directorial debut of acclaimed actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, who also adapted the screenplay from a novel by Italian author Elena Ferrante. It presents a compelling exploration of motherhood and the burdens and sacrifices it often entails, set against a backdrop of exquisite cinematography and heart-stopping suspense.

The film's story primarily revolves around two timelines tied together by the life and experiences of the central character, Leda, compellingly portrayed by Oscar winner Olivia Colman in one timeframe and Jessie Buckley in another. Olivia Colman, known for her performances in "The Favourite" and "The Crown," is senior professor Leda, currently on a seaside vacation in Greece, where she’s supposed to be unwinding from her day-to-day hustle. However, she finds herself emotionally spiraling when she encounters a boisterous American family, notably young mother Nina, played with complexity by Dakota Johnson, known for "Fifty Shades of Grey" and "Suspiria."

As the present unfolds, we are offered glimpses of Leda's past, played with a sense of raw vulnerability by Jessie Buckley. Buckley’s performance feels like a haunting echo to Colman’s portrayal as we navigate through the complex history of Leda as a young mother, uncovering how the seemingly simple and natural expectations of motherhood harbored a dark and burdensome struggle within her. We see how both timelines mirror each other in certain aspects, offering an insight into how the past influences the present and how unresolved issues continue to echo through time.

Leda is drawn to Nina and her daughter, and soon, we see the relaxation getaway turning into an unsettling exploration of Leda’s psyche. Her fascination with the young mother and daughter becomes an introspective journey into her past, opening old wounds and raising uncomfortable questions about choices she had made and the life she left behind. These moments are introduced organically, giving the spectators just enough to piece together a backstory that is as gripping as it is distressing.

Heavily reliant on its excellent cast, The Lost Daughter crafts a multi-dimensional portrait of its protagonist. Olivia Colman brilliantly conveys the measured exterior of a woman who has lived and suffered, while her eyes betray the turbulent emotions raging beneath the surface. Dakota Johnson's Nina is both intense and vulnerable, providing a striking contrast to Colman's Leda. Colman’s Leda is a character that leaves us with numerous contradicting emotions, which the Academy Award-winning actress impeccably executes with her nuanced performance.

Maggie Gyllenhaal's intimate direction deserves mention as well. She carefully avoids handing over easy answers, instead suggesting more daunting questions about the painful realities often hidden beneath conventional narratives of parenthood. Gyllenhaal's take on Ferrante's novel is both hauntingly beautiful and thought-provoking.

It would be remiss not to mention the supporting cast, who add further depth to this gripping narrative. The characters they portray have their own affecting stories to tell in the shadows of the central narrative. To be detailed, Peter Sarsgaard, Ed Harris and Paul Mescal make pivotal contributions to the plot, breathing life into Gyllenhaal's intricate, layered storytelling.

The Lost Daughter, while dealing with a universal theme of motherhood, does not shy away from the harsh realities that are often overlooked. It is a profound exploration of womanhood, which delves into the less explored narrative of the emotional cost of motherhood and the weight of societal expectations. It's a film that does not avoid the harsh truths, but instead brings them into the spotlight, offering a compelling narrative and unforgettable performances that add to the emotional depth and authenticity of the journey.

The Lost Daughter is one of those films that lingers long after the end credits roll, leaving viewers with much to reflect upon concerning societal norms, internal battles and the complexity of human emotions. This is a film that will engage you, provoke thought, and perhaps, change perspectives, making it a truly unforgettable viewing experience.

The Lost Daughter is a Drama movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of 122 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 86.

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