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The Double 0 Kid is a 1992 action-comedy film directed by Dee McLachlan and starring Corey Haim, Brigitte Nielsen, Wallace Shawn, and Nicole Eggert. The movie follows the story of Lance Elliot (Corey Haim), a teenager who is obsessed with becoming a spy like his father, a former secret agent. He spends most of his time reading spy novels and practicing his espionage skills, but his dreams seem impossible until he accidentally finds himself in the middle of a real-life spy mission.

Lance's life changes when he stumbles upon a stolen computer chip that has both military and commercial applications. He gets involved in a plot to recover the chip, which has been stolen by a ruthless villain named Velvet (Brigitte Nielsen), who is planning to sell it to the highest bidder. With the help of his friend Cliff (Wallace Shawn) and his crush Kim (Nicole Eggert), Lance sets out to stop Velvet and save the world from a catastrophic outcome.

The movie is a fast-paced adventure that includes car chases, shootouts, and plenty of gadgets. It presents Lance as a likable and determined hero who is willing to risk everything to save the day. Corey Haim delivers a charming and energetic performance as the lead character, providing some comic relief in the midst of the action. His chemistry with Wallace Shawn's eccentric character is one of the movie's highlights, with the two actors playing off each other's strengths to create engaging scenes.

The film's villain, Velvet, is a classic archetype of a bad guy, with Brigitte Nielsen bringing a sinister presence to the role. She is a formidable opponent for Lance, using her beauty and cunning to manipulate those around her. However, she is no match for the resourcefulness of Lance and his friends, and the final showdown between them is suitably exciting and satisfying.

The movie's production values are not on par with big-budget action movies of the era, but the filmmakers make the most of their limited resources. The soundtrack is upbeat and fitting for the tone of the film, with a mix of pop and rock songs that add to its overall energy. The movie also features some impressive stunt work, with believable action sequences that help to maintain the excitement.

Overall, The Double 0 Kid is an entertaining and fun movie that will appeal to fans of 90s action movies. It is a lighthearted and family-friendly film with a positive message about perseverance and friendship. Despite its flaws, it remains a nostalgic gem for those who grew up watching it, and a worthwhile watch for those looking for something in the vein of James Bond or Spy Kids.

The Double 0 Kid is a Comedy, Action movie released in 1992. It has a runtime of 95 min. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.4..

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