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License to Drive is an infectious 1988 teen comedy directed by Greg Beeman, starring teen era icons Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, along with the equally talented Carol Kane. The film weaves an entertaining tale that perfectly encapsulates the American teenage dream of owning a car - the key to freedom, independence, and of course, coolness.

The movie revolves around a high school student named Les Anderson, portrayed by Corey Haim. Les is desperate to pass his driver's test and secure the iconic "license to drive," which to him symbolizes not just the means to mobility but the ticket to life's next exciting phase. Les dreams vividly of cruising down the open road with his companions, free from the shackles of parental control and public transport. Moreover, the license is the gate pass to impress Mercedes Lane, the girl of his dreams, portrayed by Heather Graham.

Les’s best friend, Dean, a slightly rebellious and defiant character, is played by Corey Feldman. Their combo, popularly known as 'The Two Coreys' among their fans, has a stunning on-screen chemistry, delivering laughter and relatable teen angst with practiced ease. Their adventures, or misadventures rather, form the crux of the narrative.

Carol Kane, the versatile Emmy award-winning actress, takes on the role of Mrs. Anderson, Les’s mother. Her portrayal of an over-protective yet deeply loving mother adds a dose of heartfelt authenticity to the film's ensemble characters. Materializing as the voice of reason, she endears herself to viewers as she navigates her son's teenage years with patience and undying love.

As the storyline evolves, it uncovers the measures Les is willing to take in attaining his highly desired driver's license, which, in his mind, is the solution to all his problems. Every step, every decision, takes him down a path filled with unpredictable situations that sometimes boggle him but don't dampen his spirit. Les's journey is marked by a combination of hilarious escapades, orchestrated with a light-hearted spirit, and tender moments, revealing the emotional essence of adolescent life.

License to Drive has plenty of high-speed car chases, slapstick comedy, and memorable lines that have contributed to it being a cult classic of the 1980s. Scenes involving wild driving lessons, disastrous family dinners, and thrilling car sequences lock the audience in moments of laughter and suspense. The narrative is wonderfully supported by an upbeat soundtrack, bringing the pulsating energy of the 80s to life, making the film a nostalgic trip down the memory lane for many.

Haim's innocent charm and Feldman's snappy humor complement each other wonderfully, forming the backbone of the film's comedic brilliance. Heather Graham, in one of her first significant film roles, imbued Mercedes Lane with a refreshing mixture of sweetness and sassiness, making her every teenage boys' distant dream and every teenage girls' role model. Supporting roles by Carol Kane and Richard Masur, who plays Mr. Anderson, are filled with mirth and warmth, providing the film with a rich and authentic suburban feel.

License to Drive cleverly incorporates the metaphor of a car as a symbol of growing up, maturity, and freedom - a sentiment considered timeless. While it is undeniably a film packed with humor and high-school antics, it also indirectly sends out a message about the responsibilities that come with newfound freedom and the importance of making wise, safe choices.

It's not just a teen comedy about securing a driver's license; it's a nuanced narrative of a boy’s transition into manhood against the backdrop of family, friendships, first love, and of course, driving. If you are reminiscent of '80s cinema or a fan of 'The Two Coreys', License to Drive draws you into a comedic journey of adolescence that is worth revisiting.

License to Drive is a Comedy, Kids & Family movie released in 1988. It has a runtime of 88 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 36.

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