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Domino is a 1988 thriller film that tells the story of a former fashion model turned bounty hunter named Domino, played by Brigitte Nielsen. The movie begins with a bang as Domino and her partner are chasing a fugitive through the streets of Los Angeles. The reckless chase ends in a fiery explosion that results in Domino's partner getting killed. This tragic event marks the beginning of a dangerous and action-packed journey for Domino.

As Domino tries to move on from the loss of her partner, she is approached by a former CIA agent named Ed Riley, played by Tomas Arana. Ed offers Domino a chance to work for him as a bounty hunter, which she initially refuses. However, after more of Ed's associates are killed, Domino agrees to work for him to hunt down those responsible.

The plot thickens as the duo traces the killer's trail, leading them to meet a wealthy businessman named Laurence Mason, played by Kim Rossi Stuart. Laurence is a man who is trying to cover up his illegal dealings, which Domino and Ed soon discover. As they dig deeper into Laurence's shady dealings, they realize that there is much more at stake than just a few criminals on the loose.

Throughout the movie, Domino proves herself to be a tough and resilient woman who can hold her own in a world dominated by men. Her character is charismatic and unapologetic as she fearlessly takes on her enemies. Brigitte Nielsen's portrayal of the character is both convincing and entertaining.

Tomas Arana's character, Ed Riley, plays an essential role in Domino's quest for justice. He is Domino's right-hand man and a seasoned bounty hunter himself. Ed is the calm and collected counterpart to Domino's fiery personality, which makes for an intriguing dynamic between the two.

Kim Rossi Stuart's portrayal of Laurence Mason is intriguing. Laurence is a businessman who operates under a shady veneer, with his true motives and intentions unknown. Throughout the movie, his character is both intriguing and menacing, adding an extra layer of suspense to the plot.

The movie is set in Los Angeles and is full of action-packed scenes that keep the viewer engaged throughout. There are car chases, gunfights, and explosions that add to the entertaining and fast-paced nature of the movie. The film showcases the grittiness of Los Angeles and the criminals that reside there.

The production value of the movie is impressive, with well-choreographed action scenes and an authentic portrayal of the bounty hunter lifestyle. The movie also features a great soundtrack with songs from popular bands at the time, such as The Cult and Billy Idol.

Overall, Domino is an entertaining and engaging movie that delivers on every level. It is a great representation of the action-thriller genre of the late 80s, with a strong lead and supporting cast, captivating storyline, and impressive production value. The movie is both violent and entertaining and is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Domino is a Drama, Thriller movie released in 2005. It has a runtime of 127 min. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.4..

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