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The Dentist is a thrilling horror film that hit the screens in 1996. Led by a splendid cast, including Corbin Bernsen, Linda Hoffman, and Michael Stadvec, the movie leaves its audience engrossed with its hair-raising twists and suspenseful mood.

The film revolves around Dr. Alan Feinstone (played by Corbin Bernsen), a successful and well-respected dentist who appears to have everything - a thriving career, a beautiful wife, and a luxurious lifestyle. Dr. Feinstone is immensely dedicated to his profession and exercises an obsessive commitment to cleanliness and order. However, beneath the surface of his perfect life, dark and disturbing secrets lurk, ready to be unleashed.

Corbin Bernsen, widely recognized for his role in "L.A Law," presents a stand-out performance as the titular dentist. His performance expertly captures the growing mental disturbance of a man wrestling with disturbing internal forces. The well-to-do Dr. Feinstone's descent into madness is the central plot of the movie, painted against the backdrop of an unsettling suburban calm.

Linda Hoffman brings life to the character of Brooke Feinstone, Dr. Alan Feinstone's seemingly perfect wife. She is brilliant in her role, portraying a character who, despite her glamorous exterior, is crumbling under the weight of her husband's secrets. The chemistry between Bernsen and Hoffman thoroughly enhances the storytelling.

Michael Stadvec, another talented addition to the cast, introduces more complexity to the narrative. His interactions with the other characters create an air of tension and keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The prolific Brian Yuzna directs The Dentist, who has previously crafted gems like "Society" and "Bride of Re-Animator." With The Dentist, Yuzna continues his trend of exploring grotesque happenings amidst normal seeming environments. Yuzna's intense and vivid visual storytelling keeps you engrossed, while his masterful use of suspense and surprise keeps viewers captured.

Adding to the mood of the film, the effects team manages to ramp up the horror by focusing on imagery that is uncomfortable but not overly explicit. The sound design uses the unnerving noises of dental operations to add another layer of chill to the movie. In the end, what truly stands out is the film's determined departure from traditional slasher flicks and its innovative use of the dental profession to instill fear.

Screenwriters Stuart Gordon and Dennis Paoli weave together a fascinating narrative that takes the audience on an unexpected roller-coaster ride. Their imaginative portrayal of a seemingly perfect life, coupled with chilling undercurrents of horror, as well as the jarring fall from esteem, is both spellbinding and fearsome.

The score by Alan Howarth plays a pivotal role in the movie, echoing the stark sense of dread that pervades the entire film. It perfectly accompanies the events on-screen, ramping up the terror when required and keeping the suspense alive throughout.

Overall, The Dentist is not for the faint of heart. It exposes viewers to the hidden horrors that can exist beneath the veneer of affluent suburbia and employment's professional, pulling them into a world of intensifying suspense and psychological calamity. It effectively combines chilling narrative turns with well-crafted characters and expert directing, creating a film that truly stands out within the horror genre. The talented cast delivers powerful performances that bring the disquieting tale to life.

The movie is a definite watch for those who enjoy off-beat horror flicks with a psychological twist. It is a bold film with a unique premise that promises to be a nail-biting journey for its audience. If you dare to brave the world of The Dentist, be prepared for a cinematic experience that will keep you gripping your seat and likely make your next dental appointment a lot more nerve-wracking.

The Dentist is a Horror, Thriller movie released in 1996. It has a runtime of 92 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4..

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