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The Dentist is a black and white comedic masterpiece released in 1932, directed by Leslie Pearce. This short film stars W.C Fields, one of cinema's greatest comedians of his time, who was revered for his comedy that wrapped irony, satire, and farcical elements into one neat package.

The film revolves around the life of an eccentric dentist, played by Fields, whose real name in the film is Dr. Burnbaum. W.C Fields exudes a remarkable charm, weaving his classic wit and humor into this character. Dr. Burnbaum is not merely a dentist but also an avid golf player. The initial part of the film gives the audience a glimpse of his passion for golf, offering some hilarious moments that play out in unexpected ways.

The film is set in the early 1930s, a period when dental technics were not remarkably advanced. Dr. Burnbaum’s dental clinic becomes the stage for slapstick humor, where dental procedures are kindled with hilarious absurdities. Fields made a point of enhancing the narrative using amazingly comic elements related to dental practices, like mishandling instruments, dealing with difficult patients, which generates a surprising amount of laughs.

Marjorie Kane and Arnold Gray also make significant contributions to this comedy. Kane plays a woman who is interested in the dentist, bringing a romantic twist into the narrative. Her performance adds light-hearted charm and mischievous romantic tension to the film.

However, the comedy doesn't just limit itself to the clinic. The plot extends its humor to peripheral elements like traffic encounters that evolve into comedy gold under Fields' touch. His run-ins with advice dispensers, traffic cops, and gossiping women make for entertaining interludes. There is a segment where he bickers with a large woman and ends up being chased by a traffic cop, which is a sure highlight of the movie, packed with genuine comedy and notable performances.

W.C Fields, apart from being the actor, also co-wrote the screenplay of the film with Joseph L. Mankiewicz. The dialogues in the film are cleverly punctuated with Fields’ trademark comedy style. Fields' contribution to the screenplay is evident, with his penchant for outrageous humor and wild comedy seeping into every scene. His talent for making the mundane hilariously absurd is on full display.

Despite its limited 22-minute run-time, The Dentist provides an ample number of laughs. It serves as an excellent representation of the early slapstick style of comedy. The detailed, carefully constructed comic sequences reflect the comedy conventions of its period, grounding the film in a rich cinematic heritage.

The cinematography by John W. Boyle also plays a key role in the movie. His camera work aligns closely with Fields’ comedy style, capturing every gag's essence and enhancing its hilarity. The sound design blends seamlessly with the visuals, helping to amplify the comic moments further.

The Dentist is a fantastic comedy of its time and one of Fields’ greatest, feeling fresh and entertaining even in the modern age. Its creativity and wit make it a timeless classic and a real treat for fans of Fields and classic comedy.

The film's ability to create humor around commonplace, potentially dull situations is a testament to Field's genius. More than just a dental farce, it offers a window into the world of the 1930s, reflecting societal norms, the essence of the era's local life, and the evolution of Film.

In essence, The Dentist is a comedy gem from the early 1930s that still resonates with audiences due to its unmatched humor and distinguished performances. Whether you are a film history enthusiast, a classic comedy fan, or just someone in need of a good laugh, The Dentist is certainly worth a watch.

The Dentist is a Comedy movie released in 1932. It has a runtime of 22 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8..

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