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Society is a fascinating horror film from the late 1980s that combines elements of surrealism, science fiction, and body horror to deliver a uniquely haunting experience. Released in 1989, the film boasts an engaging story that's as bizarre as it is unsettling, offering some truly unforgettable visuals. Directed by Brian Yuzna and starring Billy Warlock, Concetta D'Agnese, and Ben Slack among others, Society is not a film for the faint of heart, but it certainly has its place in the annals of horror cinema.

The movie revolves around young protagonist Billy Whitney, portrayed by Billy Warlock, best known for his work in "Days Of Our Lives" and "Baywatch." Billy is a teenager living in Beverly Hills, adopted into a high society family. Despite his privilege and wealth, Billy is not content. He continually feels out of place in his perfect family, experiencing anxiety and alienation amongst his own people. Haunting his existence is a lingering sense of paranoia and dread that gnaws at his peace of mind, as though something far more sinister than first appears is happening behind the closed doors of his affluent world.

Billy's parents, played by Concetta D'Agnese and Ben Slack are remarkably strange characters that add to Billy's growing sense of unease. The detached and dismissive way they treat their son suggests that they're hiding something deeply abnormal. As Billy delves deeper into his suspicions, he uncovers secrets that are far more horrifying than he could have ever imagined.

The opulence and decadence of society become central themes in Society, and it's clear the satirical take on wealth and privilege provides a thematic backbone to the otherwise surreal narrative. Director Brian Yuzna uses these elements to craft a commentary on class divide and the often absurd nature of societal norms. Whereas many horror movies choose to showcase the ordinary becoming horrific, Society flips this trope, demonstrating how the seemingly extraordinary can hide the grotesque.

The cinematography of Society adds another layer of surrealism to the film. The camera angles and use of color highlight the grotesque and often profound visuals, creating a sort of dreamlike (or nightmarish) quality to each scene. Set against the backdrop of the pristine and luxurious Beverly Hills, Society uses its setting effectively to amplify the sense of dread. The stark contrast between the overtly glamorous lifestyle of the Beverly Hills elite and the abhorrent realities lurking beneath is highly unsettling.

Billy Warlock deserves special mention for his performance. He convincingly portrays a young man disoriented and terrified by the horrifying truth about his family and the 'society' he lives in. The rest of the cast do a commendable job too. Concetta D'Agnese and Ben Slack as Billy's parents, are brilliantly enigmatic, advancing the narrative's mystery, while Devin DeVasquez and Evan Richards, playing important roles as Clarissa and Milo, deliver compelling performances as well.

But perhaps, the most engaging and impactful aspect of the film is its spectacular use of practical effects. Society employs some truly brazen and unique special effects to animate its shocking sequences. Though certain scenes may feel a little dated to contemporary viewers more accustomed to CGI and modern visual effects, the practical effects used in Society still command fascination for their audacity and creativity.

Rebounding between dark comedy, body horror, and satirical commentary, Society is a unique film that strays far from traditional horror pathways. Despite its age, the movie retains a certain power to unsettle its viewer. Its mix of high society satire and deep, visceral horror creates a grim but intriguing portrayal of the dark underbelly of wealth and privilege.

In closing, Society from 1989 is a thought-provoking horror movie, definitely out of the mainstream, that provides a peculiar exploration of affluent society's hidden horrors. Fans of unconventional horror might find this movie a treat with its bizarre storyline, commendable performances, outstanding practical effects, and underlying societal critique. A one-of-a-kind horror experience, Society is a film that's guaranteed to leave an impression on its viewers.

Society is a Comedy, Horror, Mystery movie released in 1989. It has a runtime of 99 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5. It also holds a MetaScore of 50.

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