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“The Cleansing Hour” is a meticulously designed horror movie that narrates a unique tale of a fraudulent exorcist who comes face-to-face with the devil himself. Leading the cast is Ryan Guzman, Kyle Gallner, and Alix Angelis, who masterfully commandeer the narrative suspense and chilling atmosphere throughout the film. The movie is a stark exploration of the depths of faith, deception, skepticism, and the battle of good against demonic evil, underlining its thrilling vibe with a grand exposition of secrets, lies, and the unanticipated revelation of the unknown. At the center of the narrative is Max (Ryan Guzman), a charming and eloquent man who has built a substantial online following by live-streaming supposed exorcisms. Max pulls in his childhood friend, Drew (Kyle Gallner), to assist in managing the complex technical side of streaming this spectacle across the globe. Together, the two have cultivated a global fan base mesmerized by their pseudo-demonic purges and dramas, which are, in reality, carefully planned charades starring paid actors. While Max is the face of this twisted show, the brains behind its operations, Drew finds himself battling moral dilemmas and the incessant craving for authenticity. This clever, cynical Internet gig takes a grim turn when one day, their latest actress fails to show up for filming, forcing Drew’s fiancée, Lane (Alix Angelis), to step into the role. The interactive live stream begins as planned, with Max purging the planted demon in Lane. However, as they proceed, everyone realizes that this is no rehearsed act. Lane seems genuinely possessed, exhibiting supernatural powers that terrify everyone on-set, causing an uproar among their Internet audience as well. The spectacle of sham exorcisms abruptly spirals into an unexpected real-life showdown with formidable demonic forces. The portrayal of an actual demonic possession in “The Cleansing Hour” flexes the horror-genre muscles to its potential, utterly shattering the veneer of mock horror they've relied on. The film cleverly manoeuvres an unexpected twist serving to the audience an unrivaled encounter with actual supernatural forces, creating an intensifying crescendo of fear and dread. Adding to the gloom and horror within the narrative are striking performances that flesh out the characters with depth and complexity. Ryan Guzman is captivating as the faithless charlatan who transforms when confronted with true evil. Kyle Gallner brings authenticity to his portrayal of Drew, the savvy tech strategist nurturing a guilty conscience, while Alix Angelis delivers a truly chilling performance as the innocent woman turned demonic focal point. Director Damien LeVeck ensures that the film’s setting, the realm of digital content creation and live streaming, contributes to a feeling of unnerving reality. He effectively employs the claustrophobia of the production studio and the relentless pacing of unfolding live events to maintain constant tension throughout. The way he incorporates modern technology – streaming platforms, viewer comments, digital analytics – intensifies the experiences of terror by mirroring our increasingly intertwined reality of digital and physical worlds, where we are never fully disconnected. Visual effects and makeup artists deserve a special acknowledgment for transforming “The Cleansing Hour” into a startling sight of demonic possession. The detailed grotesque transformation that’s presented steadily escalates the terror level, facilitating an immersive horror experience. The haunting score and atmospheric cinematography further contribute to the sense of dread. The horrors are not confined to the macabre makeup effects but also exist in the dread-soaked ambiance. The cunning collaboration of tight camera work, ghastly lighting, and disquieting music creates an eerie ambiance that preludes the impending doom. “The Cleansing Hour” skillfully combines classic horror theatrics with a unique, modern premise, delivering a dread-infused spectacle with unexpected twists that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Essentially, the film is a dark exploration of faith, deceit, the power of live, real-time events, and the genuine terror that ensues when a charade morphs into a chilling reality. As a contemporary horror movie, “The Cleansing Hour” stands out for its impressive acting, tangible suspense, and its intricate blend of traditional possession horror tropes with elements of today's digital culture. The movie is a must-watch for fans of the horror genre who appreciate a strong premise, atmospheric dread, and a spin on classic paradigms. Beware, though - once you hit play, there's no telling where this narrative will take you.

The Cleansing Hour is a Horror movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of 94 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0..

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Damien LeVeck
Kyle Gallner, Ryan Guzman, Joanna David, Emma Holzer, Tara Karsian, Alix Angelis, Giulia Nahmany, Chris Lew Kum Hoi, Matt Raimo
Also directed by Damien LeVeck
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