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The Boy Friend from 1971 is a delightful blend of comedy, romance, musical, and fantasy that showcases the blossoming talent of Twiggy, who was acknowledged with two Golden Globe awards for her performance in this film. The movie also stars Christopher Gable and Max Adrian, along with a fantastic ensemble cast. Directed and choreographed by Ken Russell, this movie is a romantic, nostalgic nod to the golden age of musical theatre, paying homage to the 1920s British musical comedies.

The Boy Friend tells a layered story about a struggling theatrical group attempting to keep the show going amid setbacks. At first glance, it may seem a traditional musical, but it emanates an incredible fusion of realism and fantasy. It uses a play-within-a-movie concept, where the drama backstage and on stage are equally engaging and compelling.

Twiggy plays the leading character, Polly Browne, an assistant stage manager and understudy in a third-rate theatrical troupe staging the summertime revue from the 1920s, "The Boy Friend." Polly is a demure, somewhat shy, modest character who gets the chance of a lifetime when the show's leading lady, Rita, is unable to perform due to an ankle injury. Polly steps in, enduring the frantic backstage bustle and the demanding, eccentric director played by Max Adrian.

Her leading man, Tony Brockton, played by Christopher Gable, is a rich, handsome, and charming character who is the star of the theatrical show and becomes Polly's love interest both on and off the stage. The storyline follows their blossoming romance as they navigate personal and professional challenges, complicated by Tony's secret wealth and Polly's humble background.

The Boy Friend is filled with comedic elements as well as satirical undertones. The film adeptly captures the reality of backstage life, showcasing the friendships, rivalries, and tensions that exist behind the glitz and glamor of show business.

Intertwined with the main plot, Russell doesn't shy away from going overboard with lavish dream sequences, which serve as an homage to the extravagant Hollywood musicals of yesteryears. These sequences are often initiated by Madame Dubonnet, the director of the troupe, portrayed by Max Adrian, adding magical, fanciful elements into the narrative. These dream sequences express the hopes and aspirations of the characters, and their desire to make it to the grand stages of Hollywood and Broadway.

The movie is a pastiche of song and dance routines from the Roaring Twenties, showcasing the artistry of the period's musical revues. The costumes are lavish, the set designs extravagant, and the choreography, inspired by Busby Berkeley spectacles, is stunning. The film effectively uses color to evoke mood and atmosphere, notably in the dream and fantasy sequences that are characterized by elaborate staging and extensively choreographed routines.

Throughout this movie, Twiggy's presence and performance are captivating. Her portrayal of Polly is sincere and absorbing, making the audience empathize with her character. In her feature film debut, Twiggy unveils her vast acting range, showing she can skillfully perform in comedic, dramatic, and romantic scenes. Her chemistry with Christopher Gable keeps the audience engaged, making the love story at the heart of the film a memorable one.

Additionally, Christopher Gable's performance as a fellow actor who hides his noble heritage from his theater compatriots is splendid. He provides his character with the right blend of charm and candor. Similarly, Max Adrian as the quick-tempered, flagrantly gay director who frequently dreams of fame and glory does a commendable job as well.

To summarize, The Boy Friend is a joyous, whimsical, and lighthearted ride through the worlds of theater, dreams, and romance. Offering an eyeful of spectacle, it is an enchanting mix of humor, warmth, and true human emotion. Filled with catchy tunes and imaginative dance numbers, the movie recreates and celebrates the extravagant beauty of the bygone era of the 1920s musical revue with passion and flair. Moreover, the film is an opportunity to appreciate Twiggy's charming and splendid featured screen debut, making The Boy Friend a must-watch for fans of musicals and classic cinema.

The Boy Friend is a Comedy, Musical, Romance movie released in 1971. It has a runtime of 109 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8..

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