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The Boss is a 2016 movie directed by Ben Falcone and co-written by Falcone, Melissa McCarthy, and Steve Mallory. This hilarious American comedy film features an ensemble cast that includes Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, Peter Dinklage, and Kathy Bates. McCarthy shines in the lead role, showcasing her established talent for physical comedy and bringing a quirky sense of humor to the overall film.

The film introduces us to a woman by the name of Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy), who is an incredibly successful business tycoon. Michelle is a ruthless titan of industry, known for her tumultuous ride to the top of the financial world and her explosive personality unmatched by anyone in her profession.She is overtly flamboyant and self-assured, living a life of luxury due to her cutthroat business tactics. Regrettably, her dubious dealings and unscrupulous methods eventually lead to an unfortunate downfall.

Her world comes tumbling down during a very public arrest for insider trading, orchestrated by one of her fierce rivals and former lovers Renault (Peter Dinklage). After serving time in prison, Michelle emerges with nowhere to go and finds herself on the doorstep of her former personal assistant, Claire (Kristen Bell). The doting and diligent Claire has moved on post-Darnell with her life, living a more humble existence and focusing on raising her daughter Rachel (Ella Anderson).

Initially, Michelle appears to be utterly unprepared for a 'non-rich' existence, struggling with even basic activities such as cooking or helping Rachel with her homework. In spite of their tumultuous history, Claire hesitantly offers Michelle a place to stay, resulting in a series of humorous mishaps as Michelle attempts to adapt to her new post-prison life and re-navigate the world she used to dominate.

In an attempt to regain her lost empire, Michelle accidentally stumbles upon Claire's delicious homemade brownies. Inspired by their potential, she conceives a business plan to form a brownie empire by establishing a 'Darnell's Darlings' group (akin to Girl Scouts) where young girls sell brownies door-to-door. This lays the foundation for wild escapades that ensue as Michelle tries to instill her go-getter attitude in young darlings, teaching them about the world of entrepreneurship and striving to climb her way back up the heavy ladder of success.

The movie trail excellently displays McCarthy's knack for comedy, being skillfully crude yet undeniably hilarious. Kristen Bell's performance as the straight-laced Claire perfectly compliments McCarthy's over-the-top portrayal of Michelle and the chemistry between the two is engaging to watch. Peter Dinklage adds another dose of comic relief with his role as Renault, bringing his unique flair for comedy and proving to be an effective antagonist.

The Boss offers brilliant comedic moments that showcase the best of slapstick and physical comedy. The film also delves into the meaning and value of family, responsibility, friendship, and second chances in one's life journey. It demonstrates the transformation and self-improvement of the main character amidst a backdrop of humorous and often silly circumstances.

Kathy Bates gives a memorable performance as Ida Marquette, Michelle’s mentor, who provides yet another layer to the comedic universe of 'The Boss'. The film wonderfully utilizes its talented cast, unique story, and blend of physical comedy and heartfelt moments to bring about a truly enjoyable cinematic experience. With Ben Falcone's apt direction and McCarthy's inimitable comedic timing, the movie indeed asserts itself as a comedy that, much like its protagonist, is larger than life.

All in all, The Boss is bound to keep viewers entertained. It is loaded with laughs, quick wit, and fun storylines that make it an enjoyable satirical flick to entertain viewers who are fans of comedy. The film not only spots an underlying message about redemption and starting over but also portrays the complex yet humorous journey of a woman trying to fit into a world she no more identifies with. It runs high on entertainment and is sure to offer a hearty laugh to its audience.

The Boss is a Comedy movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 40.

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