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Teen Beach 2 is a Disney Channel original movie released in 2015, directed by Jeffrey Hornaday, and a sequel to the popular Teen Beach Movie from 2013. The movie follows the adventures of surfer couple Brady (Ross Lynch) and Mack (Maia Mitchell) after they return to the real world from the musical, movie-inspired beach known as Wet Side Story. The film features a vibrant, retro-inspired aesthetic, upbeat musical numbers, and a talented cast of young actors.

The movie starts off with Brady and Mack returning to their everyday lives in modern-day California. But they soon discover that something has gone wrong. Their friends and family don't remember them, and the world seems to have turned into a different version of Wet Side Story, where Mack's character is a villain, and Brady's character isn't even present. The two teens realize that they must find a way to get back to the beach world and set things right.

To do this, they enlist the help of their friends, including Lila (Grace Phipps) and Tanner (Garrett Clayton), who have also been transported to the new world. Together, the group sets out to find the magic surfboard that can transport them back to their own reality. Along the way, they encounter a group of bikers known as the Rodents, who are led by the fierce Butchy (John DeLuca).

As they journey through the retro-inspired, musical beach world, Brady and Mack must also navigate their own evolving relationship. While Brady is content to continue living in the carefree, musical world, Mack longs for her old life and her dreams of attending college.

Teen Beach 2 features a number of catchy musical numbers, including "Gotta Be Me," "That's How We Do," and "Best Summer Ever." The musical performances throughout the film are energetic, upbeat, and choreographed with precision. The film's fun, retro-inspired production design and colorful costumes enhance the experience of the musical numbers and create a visual treat for viewers of all ages.

The movie also touches on deeper themes, including the importance of following your dreams, even if it means leaving behind the things you love, and the value of true friendship. The characters are likable and relatable, and viewers will find themselves rooting for Brady and Mack, as well as their friends, throughout the film.

Overall, Teen Beach 2 is a fun, lighthearted movie perfect for audiences of all ages. Its catchy songs and engaging story make for a feel-good viewing experience. Fans of the original Teen Beach Movie will enjoy seeing their favorite characters return, while new viewers will find themselves swept up in the film's joyful, musical world.

Teen Beach 2 is a TV Movie, Kids & Family, Comedy, Fantasy movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 105 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9..

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Jeffrey Hornaday
Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Grace Phipps, Garrett Clayton, Jordan Fisher, John Deluca, Chrissie Fit, Piper Curda, Raymond A. Cham, Jr., Ross Butler
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