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Girl vs. Monster is a thrilling Disney original movie released in 2012 that captures the essence of supernatural teen horror. Directed by Stuart Gillard, the story follows a teenage girl named Skylar Lewis, played by Olivia Holt, who is on a path to discover her hidden potential in the face of a monstrous challenge.

Skylar Lewis is the daughter of two monster hunters, Bruce and Deimata Lewis, played by Brian Palermo and Tracy Dawson, respectively. Growing up in a family that deals with the paranormal is hard enough, but Skylar feels that her parents are overly protective and her life is boring. Her one chance to be adventurous comes on Halloween when she convinces her parents to let her attend a party with her best friends, Henry (Brendan Meyer) and Sadie (Kerris Dorsey).

Just as Skylar is about to leave for the party, a mysterious woman, played by Jennifer Aspen, appears and warns Skylar that its not safe for her to go out. However, Skylar ignores the warning and heads out, only to be confronted by the monster of all monsters, the Deimata, who feeds on fear and can control Skylar's mind. The Deimata wants to use Skylar as a portal to enter the world of the living and feed on the fears of humans.

Skylar then discovers a hidden family secret that her parents have been keeping from her - Skylar has her own monster within her, a shadow monster, which she must confront to defeat the Diamata. With the help of her friends and her crush, Ryan (Luke Benward), who happens to be a ghost hunting enthusiast, Skylar embarks on a journey to confront her fears and save herself and the world from the Deimata.

The movie is filled with intense monster-battles, nail-biting suspense, and a dash of humor. The characters are well developed, and the lead actor, Olivia Holt, delivers a standout performance as the strong-willed Skylar, who transforms from a timid girl to a fierce protector of humanity. The chemistry between the characters is undeniable, especially between Skylar and Ryan, which adds a touch of romance to the story.

Kerris Dorsey as Sadie and Brendan Meyer as Henry provide great support as Skylar's best friends, who get caught in the crossfire of the monster battle. Their quirky and fun personalities balance out the seriousness of the situation and deliver some comedic relief.

The special effects are impressive, considering it is a Disney Channel Original movie, and the monster designs are terrifying yet not too scary for younger audiences. The film's soundtrack is also noteworthy, as it features songs by some of the hottest emerging artists, including Katherine McNamara, who also appears in the movie as a rival to Skylar.

In conclusion, Girl vs. Monster is a perfect movie for Halloween, or any time a horror movie itch needs to be scratched. It is a well-crafted, well-acted, and well-executed movie that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The movie's themes of facing fears, self-discovery, and friendship make it a must-watch for teenagers, but it has enough appeal to also entertain adults. Overall, Girl vs. Monster is a fun, scary, and entertaining thrill ride that should not be missed.

Girl vs. Monster is a Comedy, Science Fiction, Kids & Family movie released in 2012. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it no reviews, with an IMDb score of undefined..

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Stuart Gillard
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