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Strange Wilderness is a 2008 comedy film directed by Fred Wolf, featuring a hilarious lineup of comedians and actors including Steve Zahn, Allen Covert, and Justin Long. This adventure-comedy entertains with its unique humor, eccentric storyline, and character in their wild quest for capturing nature in its rawest form.

The protagonist, Peter Gaulke (Steve Zahn), inherits a struggling television show “Strange Wilderness” from his father, who was once a celebrated outdoorsman and wildlife expert. The show, characterized by its documentation of wildlife in its most natural state, isn't climbing up the ratings but rather down trammeled by far better wildlife programs. Gaulke, along with his peculiar crew, which includes characters like Fred Wolf (Allen Covert), Cooker (Jonah Hill), and Junior (Justin Long), are in for a wild ride as they brainstorm unorthodox ways to revive their plummeting ratings.

The team, despite their lack of wilderness survival skills or pertinent knowledge about nature and wildlife, embarks on an adventurous exploit with the goal of finding the most elusive creature in the world: Bigfoot. Following a dubious lead, Gaulke convinces his clueless crew that capturing the infamous beast on film will save their show from extinction. They mount an expedition into the vast wild with nothing more than sheer enthusiasm and a map of questionable authenticity, hoping to achieve television glory. The group is far less prepared for what awaits them in the grand wilderness, and their tumultuous journey is filled with numerous unforeseeable obstacles, comic misadventures, and unpredictable animal encounters. The film cleverly utilizes slapstick humor to illustrate their ridiculous predicaments as they blunder their way "In the wild."

Steve Zahn's portrayal of the show's desperate host is a comic tour de force, displaying the actor's skill at delivering hysterical lines with impeccable timing. Allen Covert lends consistent comedy to his role as Fred, the friend and producer dedicated to the show’s success, while Justin Long's interpretation of Junior, the sound man with a shady past, brings unique flavor to the collage of eccentric personalities. A special mention goes to Jonah Hill who plays Cooker, Gaulke’s loyal but half-witted assistant with his one-liners and perfectly embodied character quirks.

The film's comedy thrives on its spontaneity and the unpredictability with perfectly timed comic relief. The dialogue is interspersed with witty remarks and absurd observations about the wilderness that keep the audience laughing even during the most precarious situations. Aside from its humor, the film resonates a subtle commentary on the lengths people will go to save their careers or fulfill their ambitions.

Surreal encounters, high stakes, and comedic misfires. Prepared for the wild they may not be, but determined they certainly are, as they stumble through jungles, rivers, and mountains with the hopes of discovering and filming the legendary Bigfoot. The humor of Strange Wilderness lies in its chaos and unapologetically clumsy characters who consistently find themselves in laughably tragic situations, navigating the unpredictable wild while being hilariously unqualified to do so.

Strange Wilderness is wildly amusing from start to finish. It is a film for those who appreciate spontaneous humor and don’t mind a dose of the ridiculous. With a charmingly goofy cast led by Steve Zahn, this comedy provides constant laughs braided with moments of unexpected sentimentality. It is a journey into the true wild, both in terms of nature and humor. Whether they find Bigfoot or not, the adventure they embark on is truly a testimony to mankind’s spirit, resilience and of course, strange wilderness. If you enjoy light, wacky humor and outdoor shenanigans, this one will leave you in splits.

Strange Wilderness is a Comedy movie released in 2008. It has a runtime of 87 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 12.

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