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Freak Talks About Sex is a 1999 offbeat comedy-drama directed by Paul Todisco and featuring a star studded cast including Steve Zahn, Josh Hamilton, and David Kinney. With a uniquely Seinfeldian take on twenty-something malaise, Freak Talks About Sex oozes a certain slacker charm, filled with funny, insightful and occasionally poignant dialogue about love, relationships, and the existential dread of growing up.

The movie spotlights Steve Zahn in the role of "Freak," his character's nickname, an irreverent slacker living life in semi-aimless fashion in upstate New York. Zahn delivers a performance full of his characteristic wit and charm, as the film chronicles Freak's quirky daily banter and misadventures, providing the audience with a delightful view of his unorthodox perspective on life.

Centrally, the movie is about Freak’s friendship with David (Josh Hamilton), his grounded, well meaning, yet somewhat uptight best friend, who serves as a yin to Freak’s yang. David just can’t seem to understand why Freak is content with life of banality and low ambitions. It's these contrasting views on life, work and love that form the basis of their banter and, indeed, the crux of the film.

Despite the title, Freak Talks About Sex is not consumed with explicit sexuality. Instead, it presents conversational pieces about sex that reconcile with Freak's broader discussions and contemplations about life. This film unravels the often unspoken anxieties and uncertainties faced by young adults when it comes to their sexual experiences and relationships, lending an authentic and relatable touch to the narrative.

Enter the character of Ashley, portrayed by David Kinney, who adds a delightful dynamic to the camaraderie of Freak and David. Ashley disrupts the duo’s established rhythm with his intricate dilemmas and love problems, thereby injecting another dimension into the narrative.

The movie subtly pitches the two protagonists, Freak and David, at two different stages of life and personal development, wherein one is content with his non-ambitious lifestyle, while the other is striving for more. This divergence paves the way for a plethora of engaging dialogue and funny, relatable scenarios. The characters provoke one another, and the audience, to contemplate what constitutes the 'good life' - is it the pursuit of aspirations or simply being satisfied with what one has?

Despite being primarily a comedy, Freak Talks About Sex is not without its sense of drama. The film contains its share of emotional moments, providing a balanced blend of laughter and introspection as it humanizes Freak and David. It portrays the complexities of friendship and love in a comical yet realistic way, making it a relatable tale for any viewer who has had tiffs with friends, struggled with love or grappled with the challenges of adulthood.

The movie also offers an interesting exploration of love from both a male and female perspective. As Freak and David navigate their tumultuous relationships with the women in their lives, the film portrays the complexities and confusions that often accompany romantic liaisons from a uniquely humorous but genuine standpoint, presenting a fresh and insightful take on the concept of love in the modern age.

Todisco’s direction blends the comedic and dramatic elements smoothly. Freak Talks About Sex is filled with infectious laughter, awkward situations, earnest moments and unexpected turns, all held together by a keen sense of realism. The film maintains a neat balance between the absurd and the profound, the humorous and the heartbreaking, highlighting the dichotomies of life in a candid and comical manner.

Freak Talks About Sex is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates unconventional comedies that offer more than just laughs. It combines the essence of buddy films with insightful observations about the challenges of growing up. This captured magic is undoubtedly amplified by the film’s fantastic performances, especially Zahn’s endearing portrayal of Freak, whose unconventional wisdom is sure to resonate with audiences. This movie is a hidden gem worth discovering for its humor, humanity, heart, and unique approach to life's common experiences.

Freak Talks About Sex is a Comedy movie released in 1999. It has a runtime of 90 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9..

Paul Todisco
Steve Zahn, Josh Hamilton, David Kinney, Wayne Federman, Heather McComb, Arabella Field
Also directed by Paul Todisco
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