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Chain of Fools is a black-comedy crime film released in 2000 with a star-studded cast including Steve Zahn, Salma Hayek, and Jeff Goldblum. The movie, which boasts a unique blend of dark humor, action, and heart-pumping suspense, is directed by Swedish filmmakers Pontus Löwenhielm and Patrick von Krusenstjerna.

The film’s central character is Kresk (Steve Zahn), an unfortunate barber with tons of bad luck who seems unable to catch a break. With his business failing, being affected by receding hairline himself, and dealing with a series of tumultuous personal issues, Kresk's life is far from ideal. But his life takes a startling turn when an unlikely sequence of events puts him at the center of an unruly crime web centered around ancient priceless coins.

Kresk’s downward spiral escalates when a deranged customer enters his barbershop after having stolen these valuable ancient coins from Bollingsworth (Tom Wilkinson), a wealthy but unscrupulous collector. Following a failed suicide attempt, the thief hides the precious loot in a toilet tank at the barbershop before eventually dying in the chair. Consequently, Kresk, in unexpected interactions with the local police and Bollingsworth, stumbles upon the coins and thus the fun, suspense, and thrill-filled adventure begins.

Holding the key to a fortune, he becomes the main interest of several characters who would go the extra mile to possess these coins. Among them are detectives, art dealers, and professional criminals. The exciting plot is beautifully intertwined with romantic interests, deception, and a mammoth game of cat-and-mouse, as each character tries to outsmart the other to lay hands on the treasure.

The versatile Salma Hayek plays a captivating role as Sgt. Meredith Kolko, an alluring detective who has her personal motives behind the pursuit of the coins. Hayek’s character Kolko finds herself inexplicably drawn to Kresk even while actively investigating the bizarre crime. Their interaction fuels a mix of romantic and thrilling scenes that keep the audience engaged.

In a compelling performance, Jeff Goldblum plays Avnet, a suave art dealer with a dangerous side. His character shows a mix of charm and ruthlessness, as his motivations and enigmatic connection to the coins gradually become clear. Goldblum's charisma and wickedness add flavor to an already variegated tapestry of characters and tangled relationships in the pursuit of riches.

Chain of Fools is a delightfully chaotic rollercoaster of a movie, where every character is uniquely eccentric and somehow intrinsically connected in a web of absurd but interesting situations. This structure makes the storyline a complex mix of suspense, crime, comedy, and romance that never stops fascinating the viewers.

The film also boasts impressive performances from other talented actors, such as David Cross, Elijah Wood, David Hyde Pierce, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Kevin Corrigan, each providing their own individual touch to the film's eclectic charm.

Visually, the film stands out with its vivid cinematographic style, letting the setting emerge just as lively as its characters. The filmmakers have proven a brilliant aptitude for amplifying the absurdity through the camera lens, hence boosting the comedic undertones of the film.

Meticulously balancing slapstick humor with a thrilling crime plot, the film never bores the audience, keeping them on their toes at every turn. Chain of Fools is undoubtedly a page-turner of a movie that showcases human desire, greed, flaws, and vulnerability in a unique, entertaining narrative.

In conclusion, Chain of Fools is a dynamic film that combines broad humor, dark suspenseful undertones, and an intricate, layered narrative. It will captivate viewers who appreciate a good dark comedy filled with ludicrous situations, intriguing twists, and a potent dose of tension. Though the title might suggest otherwise, this film is far from fooling around when it comes to delivering an absorbing cinematic experience.

Chain of Fools is a Crime, Comedy movie released in 2000. It has a runtime of 96 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0..

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Pontus Löwenhielm,Patrick von Krusenstjerna
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