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Son in Law is a comedic film from 1993 that stars Pauly Shore as Crawl, a Southern California college student who is invited to spend Thanksgiving break on a farm in South Dakota with his friend Travis' family. It is directed by Steve Rash, written by Patrick Clifton, Susan McMartin, and Peter M. Lenkov, and produced by Disney's Hollywood Pictures.

The film begins with Crawl at a college party, where he meets Rebecca Warner (played by Carla Gugino), a pre-law student. The two hit it off, but Crawl ends up getting into a brawl with Rebecca's boyfriend Walter (played by Patrick Renna). After the fight, Crawl finds himself in trouble with the law and is facing a possible jail sentence.

To avoid jail time, Crawl decides to accept Travis' invitation to spend Thanksgiving on his family's farm in South Dakota, where he can lay low and avoid the law. However, when Crawl arrives at the farm, he is surprised to find that the Warner family is nothing like he expected.

The Warners are a traditional farm family who are not used to the fast-paced lifestyle of California. They are also struggling financially, as the farm is not doing well. Crawl starts to help out on the farm and begins to bond with the family, especially with Rebecca's grandfather, who takes a liking to him.

As Crawl spends more time with the Warners, he becomes closer to Rebecca and starts to develop feelings for her. However, Rebecca is hesitant to pursue a relationship with him, as she is already in a committed relationship with Walter.

Despite this, Crawl continues to see Rebecca and tries to win her over. His efforts are not helped by the arrival of his flamboyant friend, Chainsaw (played by Paul Hipp), who causes chaos on the farm and clashes with the Warner family.

As Thanksgiving approaches, tensions rise between Crawl and the Warners, especially when Crawl's unconventional style clashes with the family's traditional values. However, when the family faces a crisis, Crawl steps up and helps them out, earning their respect and admiration.

In the end, Crawl realizes that his place is back in California and says goodbye to the Warners, leaving behind a changed man. The film ends with Crawl starting a relationship with Rebecca, hinting at a happy ending for the two.

Son in Law is a classic '90s comedy that is filled with quirky characters and humorous situations. Pauly Shore is at his best, bringing his signature brand of humor to the role of Crawl, while Carla Gugino shines as the smart and determined Rebecca. The supporting cast, which includes Lane Smith as the strict patriarch of the Warner family, and Tiffani Thiessen as Crawl's ex-girlfriend, also deliver strong performances.

The film explores themes of family, tradition, and modernity, as the two very different worlds of California and South Dakota collide. It also highlights the importance of acceptance and understanding, as Crawl learns to embrace the values of the Warners, and they, in turn, accept him for who he is.

Overall, Son in Law is a fun and entertaining film, perfect for anyone looking for a lighthearted comedy with heart. It's an enjoyable watch that is sure to make you laugh and leave you feeling good.

Son in Law is a Comedy, Drama, Romance movie released in 1993. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 33.

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