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Crooked Arrows is a sports drama movie that takes the viewers into the world of lacrosse, a sport that is often seen as dominated by players from privileged communities. Directed by Steve Rash and released in 2012, the movie is an underdog story that follows the journey of a Native American high school lacrosse team, the Crooked Arrows, as they strive to compete in the championship tournament against better-equipped and more experienced teams.

The movie opens up with Joe Logan (Brandon Routh), a mixed-race former Crooked Arrow Lacrosse player who left the reservation to attend a prep school, returning to his community as an assistant coach. Although the team has talented players, they lack the necessary resources and equipment that other teams possess. The Crooked Arrow’s enrollment is declining and the school board has made the decision to sell the land to a corporation to make a golf course. Logan is recruited by the tribal council to coach the high school lacrosse team for the upcoming season, in a final effort to save the land and preserve their traditions.

Logan, who was initially hesitant to return to the reservation where he experienced a traumatic childhood, gradually begins to reconnect with his roots and work with the team. He sees potential in the young players, some of whom are hesitant to embrace the team's Native heritage, and believes that they have what it takes to compete with the best teams. However, Logan soon discovers that the team has internal conflicts amongst the players, particularly between the traditional and modern ways of living. He also faces opposition from the school board and the wealthy high schools who dismiss Crooked Arrow's chances of winning.

Throughout the movie, the Crooked Arrows team trains tirelessly, pushing themselves to become better, stronger, and more disciplined. They merge their traditional ways with modern gameplay techniques and work hard to hone their skills on the field. Despite facing several challenges, ranging from team dynamics to financial constraints, they manage to compete in the championships, where they face their toughest opponents yet.

The game scenes in Crooked Arrows are the most exciting part of the movie, with the camera capturing in great detail the precision, speed, and agility of the players as they move their sticks and navigate through the field. The movie also takes a deeper dive into the cultural significance of lacrosse through its portrayal of Native traditions steeped in respect and balance.

In addition to Routh, who delivers a solid performance in his role, the movie features notable actors including Gil Birmingham, who plays the strict tribal council leader, Jesse R. Tendler, who plays the team captain, and Crystal Allen, who plays a tribal council member and Logan's love interest. The cast chemistry is excellent, and the storyline is emotional, as the characters navigate with their challenges and come together to fight for a cause that is much bigger than themselves.

In conclusion, Crooked Arrows is an inspiring movie about perseverance and the human spirit, overcoming adversity, and reclaiming one's identity. The movie showcases the rich history and culture of Native Americans and the sport of lacrosse, which has a deep-rooted spiritual significance in their communities. It is a must-watch for sports enthusiasts, lovers of underdog stories, and anyone in search of a feel-good movie that celebrates diversity and triumph over adversity.

Crooked Arrows is a Drama movie released in 2012. It has a runtime of 105 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 42.

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