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Guest House is a raucous, riotous comedy released in 2020, showcasing a story that converges the charm of classic comedic storytelling with modern-day scenarios packed with laugh-out-loud moments. The movie features a bold ensemble cast, including comedic actor Pauly Shore, the charming Aimee Teegarden, and the talented Mike Castle. This film brings back Pauly Shore into featured roles after years away from major film appearances and revives the comedic essence that defined his earlier career.

The film presents Sarah, portrayed by Aimee Teegarden, and Blake, characterized by Mike Castle, as a young, newly-engaged couple looking to embark on their journey of wedded bliss. Their aspirations lead them to buy their dream home, and all seems perfect in their world, but this heavenly abode comes with a rather twisted, unexpected turn - an unwelcome guest living in the guesthouse on their newly purchased property.

Pauly Shore stunningly portrays the role of the obnoxious squatter, Randy Cockfield, giving life to his character with remarkable comical finesse. Randy is a freeloading, eccentric party lover and deadbeat who has been living in the guest house for years. His presence on the premises is a previously undisclosed clause of the homeownership that Blake and Sarah hadn't signed up for. Buying a house is stressful as it is, but finding a permanent party-throwing tenant in your backyard is a whole different level of bizarre.

The trio's interactions ensue in a series of humorous, chaotic, and wild adventures. Randy's outlandish antics and utterly outrageous lifestyle create a hilarious whirlwind. His refusal to leave the property smoothly culminates in an outlandishly amusing war between the new homeowners and their relentless guest. Partly over-the-top absurdity and partly heart-tugging human drama, the film examines the complexities of homeownership, relationships, and the struggle to evict an unwanted tenant.

This hilarious escalation of battle-testing boundaries between the couple and Randy takes center stage in Guest House. As the conflict progresses, it invariably affects Blake's job, the couple's relationship, and their sanity as their lives spiral into a non-stop circus with Randy's never-ending parties, bizarre misadventures, and rogue behavior. The humor emanates through the character clashes, and the plot entertains with its escalating absurdity combined with unexpected twists.

Guest House makes full use of its R-rated status. Director Sam Macaroni creates a landscape where adult humor, funny escapades, and colorful characters thrive. The director gracefully navigates the fine line between humorous and crude with carefully calculated risqué humor and scenes that are more likely to elicit chuckles rather than cringes. The film takes familiar comedic tropes and catapults them in a different elevation employing eccentric characters and outrageous situations ensnaring viewers in a whirlwind of hilarity.

International audiences also get treated with a hefty dose of uniquely American humor, peppered with a side of satirical tropes related to modern American culture. The backstory of the characters and their development over the course of movie fuels the comedy and adds depth to the film. Pauly Shore's comedy timing is as excellent as always, and his eccentric performance is a true testament to his comedy genius.

Guest House also features great performances by other supporting actors like Steve-O, Bobby Lee, and Punkie Johnson, who immensely contribute to the fun and hilarity. Mike Castle and Aimee Teegarden wonderfully portray the perplexed couple trying to make sense of their not-so-conventional homeownership issues.

Overall, Guest House provides a fun, laughter-filled distraction in a time of uncertainty. It's a departure from heavier subject matters, offering viewers a 90-minute humor-filled romp that is designed to entertain and induce laughter. Pauly Shore's return to the big screen with such a fun-loving and quirky character is as enjoyable as it gets and serves as the cherry on top of this enjoyable comedy film.

Guest House is a Comedy movie released in 2020. It has a runtime of 84 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.4..

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