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Snake Eyes is a 2021 American action film that features international conspiracy, martial arts, high-stakes conflicts, and complex character relationships. It's directed by Robert Schwentke who is known for his cinematic style and ability to create intense action scenes.

The film serves as an origin story for the iconic G.I Joe character, Snake Eyes, previously seen as a masked, silent ninja commando, this time with a fresh perspective. Henry Golding delivers a stirring performance as the protagonist and presents an in-depth look at the character's backstory, motivations, and evolution. His quest for identity, purpose, and acceptance forms the crux of an otherwise prolific storyline.

The movie begins in a grim setting, introducing Golding's character as a grieving son and an outsider, trying to champion the odds of life while burdened by his past's sorrow and scandal. His journey takes him to Japan where he gets involved with a family in conflict within the yakuza underworld. This introduces him to their secretive way of life, filled with age-old traditions, honor codes, and ruthless power struggles.

The movie also stars Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow, an important figure from Snake Eyes life, who plays a central role in shaping his identity. Koji's performance is praiseworthy, his character's complex relationship with Snake Eyes creates a compelling dynamic that adds depth to the narrative. Moreover, the movie takes sufficient time to explore their bond from the beginning of their uneasy trust, through trials and tribulations, to their ultimate destiny.

One of the most striking elements of Snake Eyes is its action sequences. Right from hand-to-hand combats to sword fights and from high-speed motorbike chases to explosive climaxes, the movie keeps the audience at the edge of their seats. The cinematography enhances this high-gear spectacle by expertly capturing the chaotic beauty of combat, blended with brilliant choreography and thrilling set designs, all against Japan's intriguing, contrasting backdrop.

Haruka Abe, playing the role of Akiko, brings further depth to the setting of the ancient clan. Akiko is an intense and strong character, an integral part of the clan, adding a robust female presence in the film. Her interactions with Snake Eyes are intriguing, presenting an intricate balance of aggression, empathy, and mutual respect. She plays a crucial role in steering the narrative and assumes immense importance as the plot unfolds.

Despite being an action-packed film, Snake Eyes devotes significant time in developing its characters and their relationships. It adds more layers to the narrative by exploring themes of loyalty, honor, and the notion of right and wrong. It successfully maintains a balance between the high-octane action scenes and the emotional journey of its characters, keeping the viewers engaged throughout.

Furthermore, the film touches upon the Japanese culture and ethos, painting the country's rich history and intrigue across its storyline. From the order of the Ninja to the intricate design of its shrines and the ambiance of its streets, the tale feels grounded in the authentic Japanese landscape. This not only creates a beautiful backdrop but also enhances the overall feel and tone of the film.

The character development of Snake Eyes makes the film particularly enjoyable to watch, but it's the performances, the gripping screenplay, and the engaging plots twists that keep the audience engaged. It has all the elements of a classic action film, while also offering nuance in the form of character depth, emotional exploration, and explorations of ethics and morality.

In conclusion, Snake Eyes is a thrilling action film that presents a well-crafted spectacle of fights and drama, spiced up with an intense emotional journey. It is built upon a deep understanding of the G.I. Joe universe, but it shines even without relying on its source material. The movie provides non-stop, captivating entertainment and is a must-watch for any fan of action, martial arts, character-driven narratives, or just a well-rounded cinematic experience.

Snake Eyes is a Action, Adventure movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 43.

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