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Siesta is a 1987 film directed by Mary Lambert and starring Ellen Barkin, Gabriel Byrne, Julian Sands, and Isabella Rossellini. The movie follows the story of Claire, a young American woman who arrives in Spain looking for her lover, J.G., a famous British painter who disappeared during a trip to the country a few months earlier.

The plot of the film is not straightforward and does not follow a linear progression. Instead, it is fragmented and presented non-chronologically, with flashbacks, dream sequences, and hallucinations that blur the line between reality and fantasy.

At the beginning of the film, we see Claire lying on the floor of a train station in Spain, covered in blood and surrounded by a group of curious onlookers. She seems to have been assaulted and left for dead. However, she quickly stands up and walks away, leaving the crowd behind.

The film then moves back in time, and we see Claire arriving in Spain and renting a car to drive to J.G.'s studio in the countryside. Along the way, she meets a number of mysterious characters, including a flamenco dancer, a hitchhiker, and a group of gypsies. All of them seem to know something about J.G.'s disappearance and his relationship with Claire.

As the story unfolds, we learn more about J.G. and Claire's troubled relationship, which was marked by emotional abuse, jealousy, and infidelity. We also see flashbacks of J.G.'s art and his fascination with death and decay, which seems to have influenced his relationship with Claire.

The film's nonlinear structure and dreamlike sequences create a sense of disorientation and unease, which reflects Claire's mental state as she struggles to make sense of her lover's disappearance and her own identity. The film is also visually stunning, with breathtaking landscapes of the Spanish countryside and beautiful cinematography that adds to the film's surreal atmosphere.

Ellen Barkin delivers a powerful performance as Claire, conveying her character's vulnerability, confusion, and despair with nuance and intensity. Gabriel Byrne is also impressive as J.G., portraying a complex and layered character whose obsession with art is both inspiring and destructive.

Overall, Siesta is a haunting and challenging film that defies easy categorization. It is a psychological thriller, a love story, and a meditation on the nature of art and identity. The film's fragmented narrative and dreamlike sequences may not appeal to all viewers, but those who appreciate its unconventional approach will be rewarded with a unique and unforgettable movie experience.

Siesta is a Drama, Mystery, Thriller movie released in 1987. It has a runtime of 5580. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.5..

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