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Sasquatch is a 2002 horror thriller movie that begins with the introduction of Professor Jonas, played by Lance Henriksen, a renowned anthropologist who has spent most of his life researching the legendary creature, Sasquatch. Jonas becomes intrigued by the stories of Sasquatch when a group of young adventurers reports being attacked by the monster in the Pacific Northwest wilderness.

As Jonas begins his investigation, he learns that there have been several Sasquatch sightings in the area and that the creature is stronger and more intelligent than anyone had previously believed. Jonas gets a team together that includes his daughter, Tara, played by Andrea Roth, and her boyfriend, Gavin, played by Russell Ferrier. The group sets out into the wilderness to find Sasquatch and to prove his existence to the world.

Along the way, the group meets a local Native American tribe who warn them about the dangers of the wilderness and warn them to stay away from the monster. Despite warning of potential danger, Jonas and the team push forward, determined to prove Sasquatch's existence.

As they delve deeper into the forest, the group begins to realize that the creature is not just a myth, but a real and powerful being. The team engages in a violent encounter with the creature, which leaves them reeling from the shock of their first close-up view of Sasquatch.

As the team continues its hunt, they become more and more convinced that there is something special about Sasquatch. The creature seems to know their moves ahead of time and even appears to be communicating with them in ways they cannot understand.

Jonas continues to pursue the creature until the group's ultimate confrontation becomes inevitable. In a shocking turn of events, there is a battle between Sasquatch and the team that leaves them wondering about their future and the fate of the creature.

The movie is well acted and has great special effects, including some creepy sound design and a tense musical score. Sasquatch is a movie that takes real-life myths and turns them into an entertaining and suspenseful thriller. It effectively builds an atmosphere that makes the audience feel like they are right there, in the middle of the forest with the team, searching for Sasquatch. It's a movie about a clash of worlds- between the scientific beliefs and traditional stories of the native community, and it forces the audience to think about what we don't know in the world and what may still be out there.

In conclusion, Sasquatch is a thrilling, suspenseful, and well-crafted movie that will entertain any horror fan. The characters are well developed, and the myth-building of Sasquatch is a fascinating take on how legends grow in modern times. If you're looking for a fun, thrilling movie that delivers on its promises, then Sasquatch is a great choice.

Sasquatch is a Horror, Action, Thriller, Adventure movie released in 2002. It has a runtime of 86 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.5..

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Lance Henriksen, Andrea Roth, Russell Ferrier
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