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Raw Deal is a classic 1948 noir crime film directed by Anthony Mann, starring Dennis O'Keefe, Claire Trevor, and Marsha Hunt. The movie is an epitome of the genre, depicting the story of a man who attempts to escape to a new life by leaving behind his past, but ultimately fails to do so.

The film opens with Joe Sullivan, played by O'Keefe, escaping from prison with the help of his girlfriend, Pat Cameron, played by Trevor. Despite his initial reluctance, Joe agrees to rob a wealthy man to obtain enough money to flee to South America with Pat. However, the plan goes awry, and Joe ends up in a car chase with the police, resulting in the death of a cop.

Joe is recaptured, and his former boss, Rick Coyle, played by Raymond Burr, hires a hitman to eliminate Joe before he can testify against him. But Joe has a chance encounter with Ann Martin (Hunt), a social worker, who promises to help him beat the charges and clear his record. Joe is initially skeptical but soon realizes that Ann could be his only hope at redemption.

The plot of Raw Deal is not particularly complicated, but it's the way the story unravels that makes the movie intriguing. The film noir's dark and eerie tone adds to the suspenseful ambiance of the plotline. The characters are flawed and dangerous, and you never know what they will do next.

The lead cast also adds significantly to the overall film experience. O'Keefe's performance as Joe is remarkable, and he captures the essence of a man desperate for a second chance. He convincingly portrays Joe's evolving attitude toward Ann and the realization that he might finally be able to escape his past.

Trevor, in her role as Pat, plays the sassy femme fatale. She uses her charm and beauty to manipulate the men around her, but in the end, fails to get what she wants. Hunt is equally impressive as Ann, portraying her character with intelligence and compassion. She has a hidden depth that makes her more than just a one-dimensional character.

The supporting cast also deserves praise for their performances. Burr's depiction of Coyle, Joe's former boss, is one of the most memorable in the movie. He oozes menace and danger, and his cold-hearted demeanor leaves you wondering if Joe has any chance of survival.

Director Mann uses his skills to great effect in creating a sense of foreboding throughout the movie. His use of shadows, camera angles, and lighting adds to the raw and gritty nature of the film. He also expertly balances the action with the slower-paced scenes, ensuring that the story moves along smoothly.

Overall, Raw Deal is a classic film noir that is still relevant today. It expertly portrays the themes of redemption, love, and desperation that are universal and timeless. The performances by the lead and supporting cast, along with Mann's directorial skills, make the movie an enjoyable and engaging watch. If you're a fan of the film noir genre, Raw Deal is a must-see.

Raw Deal is a Crime, Thriller movie released in 1948. It has a runtime of 79 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.2..

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