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Passing Glory is a stirring and compelling drama set in the era of late 1950s, primarily focusing on the world of high school basketball amidst the fraught social backdrop of racial inequity in America. Directed by Steve James and starring renowned actors such as Andre Braugher, Rip Torn, and Sean Squire, the film masterfully weaves a narrative that pays tribute to the real-life pioneers who challenged the racial status quo through the seemingly simple but profoundly significant act of playing a game.

Andre Braugher gives a riveting performance as Father Joseph Verrett, a young, ambitious and forward-thinking priest assigned to St. Augustine High School, an all-black boys’ Catholic school in New Orleans. Having previously witnessed the racial segregation that pervades the nation, Father Verrett is resolved to uplift the status of his students and school by challenging the societal norms engrained deeply in the society. He is met with opposition, however, both from within his community and from the white echelons of the Catholic Church. Rip Torn's portrayal of Father Robert Grant, the principal of St. Augustine's, accurately depicts the conflicted emotions of many people of the time: engrained in their ways, yet beginning to sense the tide of change.

The storyline further unfolds when Father Verrett forms a high school basketball team and chooses the talented but undisciplined youth, Travis Porter, portrayed by Sean Squire. As the coach, Father Verrett instills discipline and expertise in the team, nurturing their raw talent and mentoring them not only to become exceptional players but also dignified young men. Through Squire's performance, the viewers see the transformation of Porter from a hotheaded, rebellious youngster to a disciplined team player, epitomizing the struggle of a young man navigating through his teens against a backdrop of racial discrimination.

The plot reaches a climax when Father Verrett proposes the unthinkable: a game between his African-American team and the city's all-white champion high school team. The proposal stirs a whirlpool of conflict and controversy, invoking rage as well as deep-seated fears and prejudices from all quarters of society. The fearless priest's determination to orchestrate this groundbreaking event challenges established racial boundaries and societal norms.

At its heart, Passing Glory isn’t merely a film about a basketball game. It's a poignant portrayal of the early Civil Rights movement, racial tension, the immense courage required to fight perceived norms, and the change catalyzed by those willing to risk it all for equality and fairness. Director Steve James masterfully portrays the racial discord of the era without taking away from the personal narratives of the characters, making the film a moving amalgamation of personal growth, racial struggle, friendship, and the transformative power of sport.

Andre Braugher's portrayal of Father Verrett is inspiring, displaying the strength of character, tenacity, and transformative impact of a leader on his community. Rip Torn's supporting role as Father Grant adds depth to the storyline, reflecting the attitudes of many of those in positions of power at the time. Sean Squire's character, Travis Porter, adds another layer to the ensemble, representing the harsh realities faced by many young African-Americans.

The film is an intriguing exploration of social themes, robustly underscored by an enthralling basketball narrative, which brings forth not only the game's dynamism and thrill but also its potential to transcend societal barriers, embody community hopes, and spark social change. Passing Glory is more than a biographical sports drama - it is a celebration of the spirit of change and the relentless pursuit of equality, narrated through the metaphor of a high-stakes basketball game in a racially divided landscape.

Passing Glory serves as a reminder of a time not too far in the past when racial segregation was a bitter reality. It portrays the heroes who dared to challenge these norms and through their courage and determination to effect profound societal change. The real triumph of the movie is that it never confines itself only to the ambit of basketball or sports. It extrapolates the game beyond the court, making it an instrument to underline societal issues, confront entrenched biases, and highlight the remarkable capacity for growth and change in humanity. It's an exemplary film that resonates deeply, making the audience reflect on the prevailing racial issues and the enduring power of unity and resilience.

Passing Glory is a Drama, TV Movie movie released in 1999. It has a runtime of 94 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6..

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