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Partisan is a unique, thought-provoking indie film that was first released in 2015. The movie offers a narrative revolving around an alternative form of society, presenting a dystopian world that blurs the lines between right and wrong. Directed by Ariel Kleiman and written by Sarah Cyngler, Partisan features a captivating lead performance from Vincent Cassel, along with notable performances by young actor Jeremy Chabriel and Florence Mezzara.

Partisan invites us into a secluded commune led by the charismatic yet manipulative Gregori (Vincent Cassel). He functions as the patriarch, teacher, and guide for the isolated community he has built over time. The society convincingly imposes on children a distinct mindset about the exterior world. Gregori controls all aspects of his commune, including education, jobs, and relationships to ensure his community remains unscathed by external influences.

Among the children of this commune, the film focuses on 11-year-old Alexander (Jeremy Chabriel), who is portrayed as Gregori's favorite and star pupil. The narrative follows Alexander as he starts to question the conditioning he is subjected to and the twisted version of reality that he and his fellow children are living in. His internal struggle serves as the audience's entrance into the oppressive regime of Gregori, marking an exploration of the psychological tug-of-war between independence and acceptance of one's societal norms.

Vincent Cassel is known for his complex and nuanced performances, and Partisan is no exception. His portrayal of Gregori is equally captivating and chilling – a charismatic leader whose charm masks his manipulative, controlling ways. His performance is nothing short of powerful, commanding the screen and keeping the viewers enthralled.

Jeremy Chabriel, despite being young and relatively new to the industry, manages to portray his character with a quiet intensity, making Alexander the most compelling character of the film. His character development throughout the movie is fascinating, and Chabriel excellently encapsulates the boy's transformation from obedient follower to questioning non-conformist.

Florence Mezzara provides a nuanced performance as one of the mothers in the commune, fleshing out a character who is both tragic and entangled in the web of Gregori's control. Though her role is not as prominent as Cassel's or Chabriel's, she proves to be a significant part of the film's narrative and emotional depth.

The film's pacing is deliberately slow, allowing the viewers to ponder upon the shifting dynamics and bubbling tension throughout the story. Visually, Partisan is beautifully shot, with its washed-out palette and carefully composed frames adding to the bleak yet strangely poetic ambience of the film. It also features a unique soundtrack that complements the film's atmospheric elements, enhancing the viewing experience.

Partisan is a truly intriguing exploration of the nature of control, manipulation, and the human desire for freedom. It poses hard-hitting questions about the lengths a person will go to maintain their power and the consequences that can have on the individuals under their influence. By setting the narrative in a dystopian isolate, it allows viewers to reflect on their perceptions of morality, authority, and individuality.

Throughout the film, we see a series of events that highlight the fundamental power of control and the impact it has on people shaped by it. However, it doesn't shy away from presenting the gradual awakening of a young boy who dares to question the life he's been raised in.

Partisan is not a film with easy answers - instead; it forces the viewer to grapple with difficult questions about manipulation, control, and moral ambiguity. Despite its grim setting and weighty themes, the film maintains a magnetic pull thanks to the powerful performances of its cast and its emotionally resonant storyline.

With strong performances, a unique premise, and an emotionally complex narrative, Partisan is indeed a distinctive film that leaves a lasting impression. For anyone in search of a thoughtful, emotionally charged, and visually striking film, Partisan is an intriguing viewing choice. It's a reminder of what the cinema can achieve when it dares to venture into unexplored territories.

Partisan is a Thriller, Drama movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 98 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 50.

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