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Our Girl Friday is a 1953 British comedy-drama directed by Noel Langley, adoringly headlined by the enchanting Joan Collins, supported by the talented George Cole and Kenneth More. It’s a cinematic gem amidst the landscape of post-war British cinema that masterfully blends elements of rom-com, adventure and satire into a seamless narrative fabric. Based on the novel "The Cautious Amorist” by Norman Lindsay, the film also titled "The Adventures of Sadie" in the United States, sharpens its narrative focus on gender relations, wilderness survival, and societal satire, resulting into an engaging cinematic romp that’s both amusing and thought-provoking.

At the heart of Our Girl Friday is the titular character, Sadie (Joan Collins), a strong-willed and spirited young woman, who’s the sole female survivor of a shipwreck. Sadie ends up on a deserted South Pacific island, accompanied by her not-so-genteel fellow survivors: sardonic and worldly journalist Jimmy Carrol (George Cole), gruff and burly ship’s officer Pat Plunket (Kenneth More), and the older, patriarchal gentleman Geoffrey Toone (Robertson Hare). Stripped of the comforts and constraints of their societal roles, the castaways find themselves embroiled in a series of unlikely, quirky, and often humorous situations, as they attempt to get by on the island, while navigating the challenges of their newfound circumstances.

Collins, in one of her earliest and finest roles, delivers a credible and spirited performance as Sadie, who gradually transforms from a cosseted damsel into a fearless and self-reliant woman. She finds herself in an odd configuration as the only woman among men on the island, a scenario that wouldn’t ordinarily be frowned upon back in civilization. However, in the untamed vastness of the island, Sadie is a woman on her own accord, rather than a girl Friday. The plot navigates her varying relations with the men, often oscillating between humorous one-upmanship, lightly veiled infatuations and deep-seated respect, while never undermining Sadie’s pronounced individuality.

The film doesn’t shy away from satirizing societal norms and expectations. As Joan Collins’ Sadie remarkably mentions at one point, “back in civilization, I was just a Friday, at bay in the laddish world of the three men; here in this wild paradise, I’m the absolute queen!”. Meanwhile, George Cole’s enigmatic portrayal of Jimmy Carrol, lovable rogue with a sharp wit, carries a subtle critique allowing viewers to question the complacency and misplaced priorities of society.

Our Girl Friday further distinguishes itself with its impressive cinematography and art direction. The picturesque backdrop of the island comes alive, almost like a character in itself. Crafted with care by the collaborative efforts of Director Noel Langley and Director of Photography C.M. Pennington-Richards, the film strikes a fine balance between claustrophobic intensity and the liberating vastness of the island.

The script, penned by Langley himself, is laced with clever humor and light touches of pathos, delivered with impeccable timing by the cast. It ensures that each character's arc evolves naturally, and their interactions carry a sense of playful camaraderie, but with underlying tensions that contribute to the narrative's engaging quality. The film maintains its light-hearted tone and distinct British infusion of humour despite the characters' dire circumstances.

Additionally, Kenneth More convincingly portrays the gruff yet loyal Pat Plunket, showcasing the charm that punctuates his later movies. Robertson Hare's Geoffrey is a study in contrast, providing a masterclass in subtle comedy. These collective performances polish the film's comic edge, delivering belly laughs in abundance while encouraging the audience to muse over deeper themes.

While the movie belongs to a bygone era, its themes and characters are timeless. Our Girl Friday, at its core, is a testament to the human spirit's resilience and adaptability and the enduring allure of individuality. With its winning combination of comedy, adventure, and romance, it remains a delightful showcase of classic British cinema and continues to charm audiences with its unique blend of humour, clever social commentary and engaging storytelling.

Our Girl Friday is a Comedy movie released in 1953. It has a runtime of 73. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4..

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