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Nick of Time is a fast-paced thriller from 1995, directed by John Badham and starring Johnny Depp, Christopher Walken, and Courtney Chase. The plot of the movie is based on the real-time concept, in which everything happens in 90 minutes.

The movie begins with Gene Watson (Johnny Depp), a mild-mannered accountant, who has just arrived in Los Angeles with his young daughter Lynn (Courtney Chase) to attend the funeral of his ex-wife. While waiting for his train, Gene is approached by a strange man named Mr. Smith (Christopher Walken) who asks for a minute of his time. Gene, curious about the man's intent, obliges and follows him to a coffee shop where Mr. Smith informs him that his daughter has been kidnapped and will only be returned to him if he completes a mysterious job for him.

Nick, a reluctant participant, is ushered to the nearby Bonaventure hotel, where he is given a picture of the governor and a gun with a silencer. He is then told that he must assassinate the governor in less than 90 minutes, or his daughter will die. With no other option left, Nick finds himself in a race against time as he tries to piece together who Mr. Smith is, who he is working for, and how to complete the job as his daughter's life hangs in the balance.

As Nick navigates through the hotel, he meets various characters who may or may not be involved in the plot. Among them is a troubled hotel clerk (Charles S. Dutton), a lounge singer (Roma Maffia), and a persistent hotel security guard (Peter Strauss), who suspects Nick's suspicious activities.

The movie keeps the audience engaged with its tight pacing, and Depp's performance adds depth to an otherwise underdeveloped character. Walken, as usual, shines in his role as the menacing Mr. Smith, with his unnerving stares and quirky yet intimidating demeanor. The interactions between the two stars are some of the film's most memorable moments.

One of the movie's notable highlights is the use of a 'real-time' concept wherein everything happens within 90 minutes. The movie's unique pacing adds to the suspense and tension, making it feel like the events are happening in real-time. Director Badham utilizes this concept effectively, as he orchestrates the events happening simultaneously that are connected to Nick's plight.

The production design and cinematography should be commended for creating an atmospheric environment that heightens the tension. The Bonaventure Hotel was a perfect choice for the setting, with its various levels, numerous corridors, and labyrinthine floorplans, making it feel like a character of its own. The score by Arthur B. Rubinstein is also noteworthy, adding to the suspense and tension of the movie with its pulsating beats and heart-racing melodies.

While the movie Nick of Time is not a perfect movie, it represents a genre that is in short supply, and it does it remarkably well. The movie is a taut thriller that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats with its suspenseful narrative, stellar performances, and tight pacing.

In conclusion, Nick of Time is an enjoyable thriller from the 90s that deserves more attention. It offers a unique narrative structure, solid performances from its lead actors, and a sensational atmosphere that adds to the suspense and tension. The movie is a must-watch for fans of the genre and anyone who wants to experience the thrill of a race against time.

Nick of Time is a Thriller, Crime, Action movie released in 1995. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.3..

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