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For No Good Reason delivers an engaging exploration of the life and art of Ralph Steadman, one of the most distinctive and radical artists of the twentieth century, whose explosive, satirical and often grotesque art defined the gonzo journalism of writer Hunter S. Thompson. It's a deep dive into the universe of an incredibly talented artist who maintained an uncompromising vision on his art and the world around him. If you're keen on discovering compelling stories around revolutionary creators narrated with flair and charisma, this movie is sure to captive you from the start.

The film is directed by Charlie Paul, who worked for 15 years to capture content for this documentary chronicle, integrating over 100 hours of interviews, painting sessions, observational footage, detailed looks at Steadman's iconic illustrations, and conversations with friends and colleagues. Ralph Steadman is the primary focus. However, several significant personalities, including Johnny Depp, Hunter S. Thompson, Terry Gilliam, Richard E. Grant, and Jann Wenner, each who played a part in Steadman's artistic journey, make appearances.

For No Good Reason opens a window into the creative process and the genesis of Steadman’s unique, anarchic art style. Steadman permits Paul to film him at work, and audiences get the remarkable opportunity to watch him splattering ink onto paper to create his iconic images. As he blends chaos and control, the film reveals Steadman as more than just a "cartoonist," his refinery in understanding metaphysical concepts and deeper symbolic messages in his artworks that often sparks controversy and conversations.

Romping through the narrative of Steadman's life is Johnny Depp who visits the artist's secluded home studio in Kent, England, and serves as the inquisitive stand-in for the audience. Their relaxed conversations brim with anecdotes about Steadman’s long yet tumultuous, whiskey-soaked working relationship with maverick American writer Thompson, with whom he collaborated on legendary works such as 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'. The movie delves into those years of the Steadman-Thompson partnership and their sheer audacity that came to be known as Gonzo journalism-a freewheeling, first-person style wherein the reporter becomes integral to the story.

For No Good Reason investigates Steadman's drive for "total freedom,” his disdain for social constraints, and his fierce commitment to produce art that's untamed by commercial concerns. The film additionally reflects on the power of art as a tool for societal insight and change, exploring how Steadman's work searingly portrayed political and socio-cultural issues such as environment, violence, and abuse of power over the years.

What is striking in this documentary is its breathtaking visual presentation. Animated sequences bring Steadman's drawings to life while still photos, newspaper clippings, vintage materials and archive footage swirl around the frame, providing a vigorous aesthetic melding nicely with the artist's own sensibilities. A vivid, edgy and somewhat zany atmosphere is created that reflects the anarchic spirits of the artist's own works.

Charlie Paul’s stylistically daring documentary technique superbly complements the vibrant energy of Steadman’s artistry, creating an immersive and exhilarating cinematic journey. The movie vividly documents not only the remarkable legacy of an artistic virtuoso but also provides an intimate look at his personal world. For No Good Reason offers a fascinating insight into the life of a unique artist, his approach towards art and his endeavour to provoke thought and effect change through his works.

For No Good Reason is a must-watch for not only those interested in literature, art, and journalism but also anyone interested in creative processes or biographical journeys of exceptional individuals. It's a thought-provoking, entertaining, visually captivating journey into the world of an artist who believed in shaking up the world through his works. The film succeeds in generating respect for Steadman, not only as an artist but as a person with an indomitable spirit.

For No Good Reason is a Documentary, History movie released in 2014. It has a runtime of 89 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.0. It also holds a MetaScore of 56.

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