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Krippendorf's Tribe is a heartwarming and zany comedy film from 1998 starring Richard Dreyfuss, Jenna Elfman, and Natasha Lyonne. Directed by Todd Holland and written by Charlie Peters, the movie takes audiences on a wild ride filled with laughter, improbable circumstance, and the importance of family unity. Richard Dreyfuss stars as James Krippendorf, a once-distinguished anthropologist who is suffering from a creative block after the loss of his wife. Overcome by his grief, James struggles with single parenting his three children while also sustaining his academic standing. After squandering his grant money with no tangible research to show for it, he finds himself on the brink of professional and financial ruin. Just when James Krippendorf's life seems hopelessly off the rails, an accidental home video of his children playing offers an unlikely lifeline. In a desperate attempt to salvage his career, Dreyfuss's character decides to concoct an elaborate hoax, claiming the footage to be significant shots of a never-before-seen tribe in New Guinea. Krippendorf's "discovery" of the so-called "Shelmikedmu" tribe immediately fascinates the academic world, leading to him being propelled back into the limelight. Jenna Elfman shines as Ruth Allen, an ambitious and determined television presenter trying to make a name for herself. She becomes an unwitting partner to Krippendorf's deception, adding more layers of complexity to the plot. Elfman's chemistry with Dreyfuss is undeniable, and she enhances the movie with her vibrant energy and comedic timing. Natasha Lyonne, fresh from her breakout role in "Slums of Beverly Hills," plays Krippendorf's oldest and most free-spirited daughter, Shelly. Even when the kids have to dress up and pretend to be part of the fictional tribe for a series of home videos, Lyonne's character reliably grounds the scenes with emotional honesty. Her journey from a skeptical teenager into a willing accomplice and finally the voice of reason constitute some of the most touching and hilarious moments in the film. Krippendorf's Tribe is known for its unconventional storytelling and expert blending of the comedy and family drama genres. The ever-developing relationship between James Krippendorf and his children stands at the heart of the plot, touching on themes of grief, healing, and the special bond that can only be forged within a loving, if somewhat eccentric, family. The film has plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, not only from the situational comedy that arises from the tribe's antics but also from the absurd lengths to which Krippendorf must go to perpetuate his deception. However, the film is never crass and always maintains its warmth, making the audience root for the characters even in their zaniest moments. Despite the characters' fibbing and unorthodox behaviors, the film reminds us of the value of honesty, integrity, and above all, the importance of family love. The pure charm of Krippendorf's Tribe lies in how it finds humor in desperate situations and its unwavering optimism in the face of adversity. In conclusion, Krippendorf's Tribe is a heartening comedy film that combines hilarity, domestic drama, and a dash of farcical pretense. Richard Dreyfuss, Jenna Elfman, and Natasha Lyonne bring this endearingly quirky story to life, making it a must-watch if you're looking for a movie filled with laughter, heart, and life's various shades of zaniness.

Krippendorf's Tribe is a Comedy, Kids & Family movie released in 1998. It has a runtime of 94. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.1..

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Todd Holland
Richard Dreyfuss, Jenna Elfman, Natasha Lyonne, Gregory Smith, Stephen Root, Elaine Stritch, Lily Tomlin
Also starring Jenna Elfman
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