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The Wizard is a heartwarming teen adventure-comedy film from the late 80s. This delightful slice of nostalgia, directed by Todd Holland, stars famous child actors Fred Savage, Luke Edwards, and Jenny Lewis. Released in 1989, The Wizard offers an intriguing blend of gaming culture, road trip adventures, and family bonding that extends beyond the small screen and into the realm of the audience's hearts. In this uniquely endearing film, Fred Savage, known for his role in the popular TV show 'The Wonder Years', plays Corey Woods, an empathetic and determined young teenager. He is particularly close to his quiet and introverted younger half-brother, Jimmy, portrayed with an impressive depth by Luke Edwards. Jimmy, traumatized by a family tragedy, is diagnosed with a mental disorder and is due to be institutionalized at a home for mentally disturbed children. Discovering his younger brother's extraordinary talent for video games, Corey decides to escape with Jimmy, setting out on a daring cross-country journey. Along the way, the brothers encounter a smart, street-savvy girl named Haley, played by Jenny Lewis. Haley is quick with a witty retort and has her dreams set on a better life. Finding common ground, she joins the duo, and together they set their sights on the Video Armageddon competition in California, where Jimmy could win a cash prize that would change their lives forever. Undeterred by the daunting traveling obstacles, Jimmy's extraordinary gaming skills become their steadfast beacon of hope as they navigate through this adventurous quest. What unfolds is a sea of challenges, friendships, rivalries, and self-discovery. The Wizard is as much about the spirited escapades of these three companions as it is about their navigating through personal difficulties and a turbulent family life. Amidst the bittersweet journey, the audience gets an intriguing glance into the video gaming subculture of the 1980s, painting a vivid picture of retro gaming charm, transporting viewers back in time to an era marked by popular games, arcades, and the Nintendo Entertainment System. Bridging the gap between family drama and gaming culture, the film doesn't shy away from exploring delicate themes like loss, family conflict, and mental health disorders among children. The story at times can be surprisingly touching, with the plight of the two brothers tugging at the audience's heartstrings. The relatable trials and triumphs of the characters make them instantly memorable. Meanwhile, performances by Savage, Edwards, and Lewis drive the film. Fred Savage as Corey is remarkable, transforming from the rebellious misfit to the loving, protecting older brother. Luke Edwards gives a nuanced performance as Jimmy, displaying a level of sophistication and emotional depth seldom seen in young actors. Jenny Lewis as Haley is vibrant and empowered, adding another layer of esteem to an already powerful narrative. Her chemistry with Savage and Edwards brings a perfect balance of friendship, resilience, and shared optimism to the screen. A notable aspect of the film was its groundbreaking contribution to the gaming world. The Wizard also served as the premier unveiling of Super Mario Bros. 3, one of the most anticipated games of that time, marking a historic moment in the video game industry. It cultivates a sense of joy and excitement that resonates with video game enthusiasts and marks a highlight for those with a fondness for retro gaming nostalgia. A hidden gem of the late 80s, The Wizard intertwines the thrill of a classic road trip movie with the colorful canvas of retro gaming culture, and a touching narrative about family ties and personal growth. It effectively uses video games as a core metaphor for overcoming personal challenges and embracing healing through unusual means. With memorable performances and a captivating plot, The Wizard is a beloved staple of its time, and a joy to watch for fans of adventure, comedy, and gaming alike. The film stands as a charming testament to the timeless essence of childhood and the powerful bonds of family, friendship, and shared dreams.

The Wizard is a Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Kids & Family movie released in 1989. It has a runtime of 100 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1. It also holds a MetaScore of 23.

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Todd Holland
Fred Savage, Luke Edwards, Christian Slater, Beau Bridges, Jenny Lewis, Will Seltzer, Tobey Maguire, James Slice, Frank McRae
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