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Liar Liar, released in 1997, is a comedy film starring Jim Carrey as Fletcher Reede, an incorrigible lawyer who lies his way through life until a birthday wish from his son, Max, makes it impossible for him to do so. The film also features Maura Tierney as Audrey, Fletcher's ex-wife, and Amanda Donohoe as Miranda, one of Fletcher's clients. The movie begins with Fletcher rushing through his morning routine and making promises that he cannot keep to his son, Max, such as taking him to his school talent show. Fletcher is then shown in court defending his client, Samantha Cole, who he knows is guilty of committing fraud, but is willing to lie on her behalf to win the case. After the case, Fletcher and Audrey have an argument about his lack of involvement in their son's life. When Fletcher forgets to take Max to his talent show, the boy makes a birthday wish that his father cannot lie for a whole day. The wish comes true, and Fletcher is forced to tell the truth, no matter how embarrassing or hurtful it may be. This results in a series of humorous and awkward situations, as Fletcher tries to maintain his job and win a crucial case, while also trying to reconnect with his son. Throughout the film, Fletcher struggles to adapt to his new situation, which ultimately leads to his clients and colleagues questioning his competence. Despite his attempts to tell the truth, Fletcher's old habits keep getting the best of him, leading to hilariously awkward situations. As the day progresses, Fletcher is increasingly confronted with difficult situations, both in and out of the courtroom. The climax of the movie comes when Fletcher is assigned to represent Miranda, a woman who wants to sue her ex-boyfriend for hurting her. Fletcher realizes that he cannot lie on her behalf, but cannot reveal the truth either, as it would be breaking attorney-client privilege. However, he ultimately finds a way to reconcile his ethical duties with his inability to lie, and the case ends with a favorable outcome for Miranda. Liar Liar is a comedic masterpiece, showcasing Jim Carrey's incredible versatility as an actor. The film balances humor and heart, while also addressing the importance of honesty in our everyday lives. The movie's ultimate message is that lying and deception can only lead to a precarious and unfulfilling existence. By the end of the film, Fletcher comes to the realization that his son's love is worth more than any success he can achieve through dishonest means. In conclusion, Liar Liar is a hilarious and heart-warming classic comedy that explores the value of honesty and the potential for personal growth. Jim Carrey's performance is simply amazing, and the rest of the cast provides excellent support. The film's story is relatable and delivers a powerful message, while also providing audiences with plenty of laughs. Whether you are a fan of comedies, family dramas, or both, Liar Liar is a must-see movie that will leave you both laughing and reflecting on your own life.

Liar Liar is a Comedy movie released in 1997. It has a runtime of 86 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 70.

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Tom Shadyac
Jim Carrey, Maura Tierney, Refan Dekaon, Justin Cooper, Jennifer Tilly, Anne Haney, Cary Elwes, Swoosie Kurtz
Also starring Maura Tierney
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