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Jackie Chan isn't playing his typical heroic protagonist in this 1976 film "Killer Meteors". Directed by Wei Lo, known for the film "The Big Boss", the film is a noteworthy step in Chan's early career. The real protagonist is played by Jimmy Wang Yu. Often seen as a pioneer of the martial arts genre, Wang Yu's usual powerful presence is amplified by the rare villainous role played by the usually likeable Jackie Chan.

In "Killer Meteors", Jimmy Wang Yu plays the character named "Meteors" or "Killer Meteor". He is a well-respected and feared bounty hunter who doesn't use a traditional weapon but rather deadly iron meteors, hence his name. His meteors are considered invincible and can penetrate any defense without fail. He becomes celebrated, yet feared for his deadly accuracy and unique choice of weaponry.

Contrasting with his current reputation for comedy-infused action, Jackie Chan stars in the unlikely role of the film’s antagonist, Mi Wey. Mi Wey is a wealthy and mighty leader of a gang of bandits who is stricken with a terminal disease. Knowing he has only one month left to live, Mi Wey seeks the help of the famous pharmacist Okra, who has an antidote for the deadly poison inside him. However, Okra refuses the toxic character's request and opts to instead help his wife, who betrays Mi Wey in hopes of taking over his wealth.

Setting up a clever trap for Mi Wey, Okra manages to extend his life by managing the poison's impact, while simultaneously making him reliant on her for regular doses. The plot thickens when Mi Wey’s wife hires Killer Meteors (Wang Yu) to eliminate her poisoned, weakened, yet still dangerous husband.

Even though this sounds like a straightforward plot, numerous twists and turns occur throughout the length of "Killer Meteors". The storyline is further embellished with flashbacks that keep viewers on their toes and broadens the depth of the narrative. As the story progresses, the characters reveal their histories, motivations, and deceptions, making the film an engaging watch.

The combat scenes are an idiosyncrasy of the period and Jackie Chan’s particular aesthetic. Although Chan choreographed the fight scenes himself, fans may find the style and execution different from his usual comedic kung-fu fare. "Killer Meteors" is surprisingly content-rich for an action movie. It focuses more on story development and complex characters than continuous fight scenes, albeit the action-packed moments are appreciably thrilling.

The film takes the choreography of martial arts in a fresh direction with unconventional weapons and dynamic fighting styles being brought to the screen. The film contains the dramatic elements typical of this era, a perfect fusion of suspense, action, sentimentality, and twists and surprises at every corner. Even though the movie was produced in 1976, the film quality, sets, and aesthetics have not aged, showing an attention to detail and production value ahead of its time.

The performances by Jackie Chan and Jimmy Wang Yu are the soul of "Killer Meteors". Jackie Chan, with his strong acting skills and upon showcasing his versatility by playing a negative character, gives the film a captivating edge, breaking through his traditional role. Jimmy Wang Yu's command of the action sequences, coupled with his stoic expressions, offers a perfect balance. Their clash is the main highlight of "Killer Meteors".

The supporting characters are not shadowed but offer significant contributions to the storyline. The female characters, in particular, play more than just damsels in distress; they're active participants in the plot, manipulating the heroes and villains and driving the storyline.

For martial arts enthusiasts or fans of Jackie Chan, watching "Killer Meteors" would provide a fresh perspective on the genre and the actor's abilities. It takes us back to an era when Chan was not the leading man but an antagonist, showcasing his vast range as an actor. In conclusion, "Killer Meteors" makes for a watch that’s thrilling, unpredictable, and most importantly, a testament to the charisma and prowess of both Jackie Chan and Jimmy Wang Yu.

Killer Meteors is a Action, Thriller movie released in 1976. It has a runtime of 104. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.9..

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